Posted by: Dahni | June 11, 2008

How Much Does it Cost to Say I’m Sorry?

© 06/11/08

 by Dahni


   How much does it cost to say, “I’m Sorry?”  The cost has recently been calculated and for the first time ever, it is now revealed here.

   For those of us like Mary Poppins that are “pratically perfect in every way,” there is no need. But for all the rest of us, there are those times (perhaps very few), when we need to say, “I’m Sorry!”

   Although these simple words can and do mean so much to others and to ourselves, there is something more important, much more important. It’s the look. Make sure you get the look down!












The Look

   Now if for some some strange reason, saying the words, “I’m Sorry,” AND using ‘The Look’ do not work, there is another solution.

Cost of saying ‘I’m Sorry’ – 2 seconds

Cost of getting ‘The Look down – priceless

For everything else there’s…





Just Imagine,


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