Posted by: Dahni | June 12, 2008

Which ‘W’ R U?

© 06/12/08

 by Dahni


   Which ‘W’ R U – which ‘W’ (are you)? The entire world is made up of ‘W’s. I am not referring to George W. Bush, but he is certainly a ‘W’. ‘W’s are all a part of the classification of all people (adult people), upon the planet. There are only 5 ‘W’s. Which ‘W’ R U?

The ‘W’ Classification

  •  Whiners
  •  Wineless
  •  Winers
  •  Wieners
  •  Winos
  •  Wasted


   Whining is the innate communication method of babies and young children, unable to communicate in any other manner. Their primary functions in whining is to communicate some basic necessity as: hunger, hurt, fear or some other need. When the child becomes familiar with its native tongue, it is no longer necessary to whine. If the child is taught self-direction and personal responsibility and held accountable, whining is no longer in evidence. Babies and young children are not whiners, they are simply babies and children. Even though many childish things are left in the process of growing up, apparently there are many that do not leave this behavior behind. Whiners therefore are not born this way, they become this way. These are the whiners of the world.

   Whiners are whiners, wishers and woe-be-goners (complainers). They live and operate in every level of society. It is not uncommon to find them in the highest levels of the civilized world. The uncivilized world would expel whiners or whiners would find themselves left out, left behind, let out of the bus or never picked up. With no one to whine to that could or would meet their every need or answer their every whim, most whiners would just die. Whiners by their very nature, are incapable of fending for themselves.

   In the civilized world, whiners often flourish and are often found occupying the chief levels of business, education, entertainment, environment, finance, government, law, media, medicine, religion, science, and virtually every area of human endeavor. Many whiners are highly intelligent, cultured and amass great amounts of wealth. These many benefits are obtained through inheritance and gifts or despite their whining, some actually earn them.

   A great number of whiners whine and sit back, waiting for someone else to change and when change occurs, whiners will even whine about that.

   Other whiners may not actually whine per se, but they purposefully cultivate a culture of whiners, in order to amass their wealth and power.

   In the classification of the ‘W,’ the whiners are potentially the most dangerous.

   Whiners can be known by their words and manner of living. In nearly everything they do, they whine. It is either their belief or some purposely disguised and hidden agenda that life owes them a living. Whiners blame everyone and everything for every problem known to the inhabited planet, past, present and future.

   Whiners speak of change and fairness. Change to a whiner is that the entire world would become one nation of whiners.

   Whiners welcome whiners, but will also whine about other whiners.

   Whenever and wherever the change of a whiner takes place, freedom to control ones life is given up to the whiners to control. True change, not in the favor of whiners, cannot be accepted or tolerated. There is no room for solving any problem, otherwise they would have nothing to whine about, except to whine about the fact that there is nothing to whine about.

   Whiners want everyone to have the same, no more and no less. Whiners are behind huge tax increases, every expensive social program and are the principal causes of every major problem in the civilized world. They also seek to whine against, influence and control the uncivilized world as well.

   If everyone has the same, no more and no less, whiners set themselves up as the administrators of who gets what, when, where, why, how much and for how long.

   Whiners are the most vocal group of the ‘W’.  

   Whiners may from time to time, infiltrate other groups of the ‘W’. Sometimes by accident, whiners temporarily act like another group in the ‘W’ (either the wineless or the winers), but they will sooner figure it out and return to whining.

   It is possible, though highly unlikely that they could change and become a part of another group in the ‘W’.

   Whiners, wholly, whine, wish and complain.

Wineless & Winers (both mostly whineless)

  Wineless & Winers are essentially the same classification in the ‘W’. The distinct difference between them is that the wineless do not engage in the moderate use of alcohol and possibly legal stimulates like caffeinated coffee or tea.

   Both the wineless and the winers are for the most part, whine-free. They recognise problems and the need for change. They are often silent about these issues, preferring to not talk about them, but to do something about them. They do most of the living and the dying in the world. They pay their taxes, (usually an unfair portion, but they pay them).  They work and often work hard, to provide for themselves and their families. They care for not just their own, but the welfare of others. They are the most charitable of the ‘W’. Because of this good nature, the whiners seek to influence, manipulate and to ultimately control them by rules, regulations, laws and taxes. Whiners often employ guilt upon the wineless and the winers, in an attempt to win them over, often to whine them over. Sometimes the winers from too much whining, resort to too much wine. Continual and continuous wine-ing can turn the winers into winos. Even the wineless from too much whining, can become winers and even winos themselves. Every group in the ‘W’ from time to time will whine, but this does not make them whiners. It is only after continual and continuous whining would they become a whiner.

   The wineless and the winers are primarily, the ones that send their sons and daughters into the military, protect the rest of us and preserve our freedoms. The other groups of the ‘W,’ for the most part, do not.

   The wineless and the winers produce, dream, invent, improve, change things and are the common, everyday unsung heroes, the unknown champions and the silent majority of the civilized world. The wineless and the winers work in and keep business, education, entertainment, the environment, finance, government, law, media, medicine, religion, science and virtually every area of human endeavor, moving.

   It is possible for the wineless or the winers to become a part of another group in the ‘W’, but it is highly unlikely.

   The wineless and the winers, generally never whine, they just DO!


   Wieners for the most part are just pieces of meat. They may occasionally have something to offer or offer some value to the whole of the ‘W,’ but not much and not often. Wieners are easliy manipulated by whiners. Wieners rarely if ever, challenge or question anyone or anything. Wieners are just one step away from winos and two steps away from the wasted. Some wieners can change their classification in the ‘W’, for the better, but only through a desire to change and help from the wineless and the winers. If aided by the whiners, a wiener is mostly likely to become, just a whining wiener.


   Winos are that part of the ‘W’ which may have, for whatever reason, and for the most part, withdrawn from society. Some winos have been handed a raw deal, usually from the whiners. This is the group of the ‘W’ which are primarily supported by the wineless and the winers. Once a wino, it becomes extremely difficult to leave this group. Winos are often robbed of their will and desire to change by the whiners, who supposedely are trying to help and require the rest of us to help. If public assistance pays more than getting a job, a wino not generally stupid, would choose the assistance.

   Some winos are professional winos. Many earn more in a single year, getting support from mostly the wineless and the winers, than do most of the wineless and the winers.

   If the pressures from the whiners becomes too great, and the support of the winos are too many, some of the wineless and the winers are likely to become winos.  Though this is theroectically possible, it is most improbable.

   Winos are prone to over indulge. Often this begins in seeking to reduce some physical, mental or emotional pain, brought on by some traumatic event. Sometimes this leads to self-medication. Winos become addicted to anything that will reduce their many pains and their misery.

   Many winos are just poor and may never abuse or use any substance which alters their mood.

   Winos are often the teeming millions, just yearning to be free.

   Winos differ from whiners in that whiners are fully capable of changing their classification in the ‘W’ and some of the winos, may just simply, not know how. Winos are the poor, the infirm and the miserable.

   Winos are the specific group in the ‘W’ that the whiners showcase, to manipulate, guilt and control the wineless and the winers. Some winos actually like being winos. For these winos, it is not a matter of can they change, they do not want to change.

   If there were no winos, the whiners would not have anything to whine about to the wineless and the winers. If this would and could, somehow occur, the whiners would still whine about not having anything to whine about.

   Some winos can change their classification in the ‘W’ for the better, but only through a desire to change and help from the wineless and the winers. If aided by the whiners, winos are mostly likely to become, just whining winos.


   The wasted as the word implies, are wasted. In short, the wasted are the waste of the world. The wasted are the most difficult group in the ‘W’ to recognise. It is only after much time, energy, and resources have been wasted that the wasted can be identified. The wasted often display charateristics of every other group in the ‘W’. Someimes this may have a reason (depending on which group in the ‘W’ they are seeking to get wasted by), but mostly their behavior is always at random. Being so difficult to identify, whiners try to disquise the wasted as winos, in order to include them, in all the time, energy and resources provided by the wineless and the winers, that is wasted on the wasted and profitable to the whiners. The sole outcome of the effects of the wasted is, to waste time, energy and resources.

   The wasted are the principal group in the ‘W’ which function as a vehicle, for everything the whiners implement, which waste the time, the energy and the resources of the wineless and the winers.

   The wasted cannot and will not change, even with the help of the wineless and the winers.

   Some wasted appear as, the whining wasted. Sometimes they are wasted winos. Sometimes the wasted act like wieners. Even if the collective power of the ‘W’ were to be somehow employed, the wasted would forever remain wasted. One rarely, if ever, is born into the wasted. The wasted by choice, become wasted. Sooner or later, every member of the wasted, will descend into the lowest and unrecoverable depths of the wasted. The depth of the wasted is the lowest part of the wasted group in the ‘W’, where they become the whining wiener winos of the wasted. There is no other organism upon the planet that wastes so much of the precious resources, than the wasted. The worst of the wasted is a whining, wino, that is a wiener and wasted. Short of expelling them to their own island, there is nothing else that can be done with them morally and legally. For the wasted are and forever will be, the wasted.

   Two questions remain here. Which ‘W’ R U (are you)? Which part of the ‘W’ do you desire to be a part of and take part of?

  •  Whiners?
  •  Wineless?
  •  Winers?
  •  Wieners?
  •  Winos?
  •  Wasted?


Just Imagine,


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