Posted by: Dahni | June 14, 2008


© 06/14/08

 by Dahni


   With the added costs of fuel attached to almost everything now-a-days, many people are not traveling as they once did. Despite these spiralling costs, there are still the one week, two week or how ever many weeks of vacation to plan. If people are not traveling as much (at least by automobile), they are either looking for other more economical ways to travel or they are staying home. This has led to the use of a new and recently coined word called, ‘stay-cation.’ or simply, staycation. You could either be on ‘cation’ while staying at home or limit your activities to a more local area.

   My wife and I were planing a small trip to see a friend around 7 hours away in Virginia, for the 4th of July weekend. We were that is, until the cost is fuel alone was calculated. We figured there and back, just for gas, it would cost around $300. It is not a matter of is our friend worth $300, she is, but $300 could be a car payment, a utility bill or some other necessity.

   If travel is your thing as it is mine, there are other alternatives to consider. Mass transportation as bus or train could be the answer, if you are not in a rush to get somwhere and back.

   You could become a truck driver and see the country.

   Perhaps the fuel costs are a bubble as some believe and the prices will eventually go down. So this becomes a wait-and-see for a time vacations can resume, meanwhile the staycations continue.

   Increasing your income or decreasing your expenses could be another way to offset the expenses of travel. Increasing your income and decreasing your expenses is by far, the best way to accomplish this and so as to be able, to afford vacations.

   Recently, airlines have raised the price of extra checked baggage to $50 per bag. I wonder if we could just forget the tickets and instead, just pack ourselves in the bag.  🙂

   Whatever we do (go on vacation or go on staycation), the point is to be ready at all times.


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