Posted by: Dahni | June 18, 2008


© 06/18/08

 by Dahni


   Have you ever lost your phone or forgotten it? Just when you need it, it can’t be found. Have you ever forgotten to charge the battery, left your charger somewhere? Right in the middle of either placing a call or during a convesation, has your phone ever died?

   Paying your phone bill these days can be quite expensive. If you travel much for business or pleasure, chances are great that you will run into those areas where roaming charges apply and your bill can become even higher.

   Of course the price of gas is getting crazy too and when you add the costs together of phone and car, it can really become a problem.

   If you have ever found yourself out and about without your mobile phone, finding a telephone booth or public phone is often next to impossible.

   Has a stranger ever walked up to you while you are in your car and asked to use your phone? Sure you may want to help, but you don’t know them and maybe it’s a trust issue. What if they ran off with your phone? What if they ran up some obsene phone charges?

   Relax. Chill out. I have found a way to answer all these questions. You might even make money with it too, especially for those people that want to use your phone. The answer is, a phone car. Yes you read that right. Yes, no baloney it’s not phony. It’s a phony car or a car that is actually a phone. Or is it a phone that thinks it’s a car? I’m not entirely sure. But I am sure of the following.

   Twenty five years ago, Boston native Howard Davis built such a car/phone because he just loves phones. He started collecting phones and phone-related trinkets when he was 8-years-old. These days he works for – what else – a phone company. He and his crowd stopping; eye popping phone/car were last seen in Rochester, NY as he tours across the country. It really gives a whole new meaning to, ‘mobile phone.’  🙂


Just Imagine,


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