Posted by: Dahni | June 25, 2008


© 06/25/08

 by Dahni




   Each of us are like a sphere, in constant motion; always revolving. There are two other spheres outside of us. These spheres also, are in motion and revolving. One  may be called a sphere of referece or concern. The other is our sphere of influence.

   When we are born, all three spheres (including our own), are all close in size.




   Using the image above as an example, we are the red sphere, our needs (concerns), are the blue sphere, and our sphere of influence (our caregivers), are purple.

      Our concerns or references are basic and few in number. We need food, sleep and so forth. Our sphere of influence are primarily our parents, single parent or some other caretaker. Our only means to influnce our primary caregivers is to cry. Our cries influence others to take care of our concerns for food, pain or some other elementary need.

   As we grow older, our spheres of concern grow larger. Our spheres of influence expand and at first may just include brothers, sisters, and other family members like grandparents. The spheres continue to grow as we go off to school, make friends and other adults, like teachers, are added to our sphere of influence. Grade school becomes middle or Jr. High, then High School and then possibly we go off to college. Our world is a lot larger now than it was when we were born. Our world of concern was perhaps confined to a tiny crib inside a single room and there were few influences in our lives.

   At some point, we move out and on, out into the world, each seeking to find our own place in this world. We become concerned with purpose, passion to perhaps change the world. We seek to succeed and to become the masters of our own destiny. We may become agitated and even fearful about many things and these too, are our expanding spheres of concern. It is not uncommon for all of us to become overwhelmed at times. It is at this point that our sphere of concern is so large that it overtakes and may obscure our smaller sphere of influence. Simply put, our needs or concerns are far greater than we have the ability (influence), to have those need or concerns fulfilled.







We are red, our concerns are blue and our influence is purple (almost invisible)

   Each of us have some number and size of influence, not only to affect our concerns, but the concerns of others. If we each would spend grater time in building our spheres of influence, it would grow to such a size, it would overtake the spheres of our concerns and those of others. Then concerns would all nearly vanish.

We are red, our influence is purple , and concerns in blue, are fading away


Just Imagine,


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