Posted by: Dahni | June 26, 2008

Building a Dream

© 06/26/08

 by Dahni

   Perhaps familiar to many is a line from the movie, ‘Field of Dreams’ –

“Build it and they will come.”

   To build a dream, just as any other bulding, there must first be a foundation. Foundation stones are laid, upon which the building will rise, support; and allos it to stand. The foundation blocks are two in number and they are:

   Vision &             Confidence

   Vision is like a builder’s blueprint. Without a blueprint or carefully laid out plan, the building cannot be built. Attempting to build without a plan would be foolish and a waste of time, energy and resources. The building will fall without vision. When building a dream we must clearly know, where we are going. Vision is the roadmap. Vision must be clear and clearly written.

   If vision is the roadmap to take us where we want togo, Confidence is the road that will take us there. If vision is the blueprint to build the building and our dreams, Confidence is the abilty and the tools with which we can build. Confidence may begin with the knowlede of how to build and will be followed by our experience gained in bulding.

   When Vision and Condfidence are the foundation to our dreams, the bulding and are dreams will be built. When we look at a tree, we do not generally marvel over its roots which are mostly hidden beneath the ground. We may not wonder at its trunk, limbs, branches and twigs. It is at the top of the tree where we look to the beautiful leaves. Without the support of all beneath, and its foundation of roots, there would be no trees.

   A builder does not marvel over the blueprint or over constructing the building. When finished, they stand and admire the beauty of the finished work. It is in a sense, anti-climatic. They knew the blueprint or the vision would work and they knew they had the ability and the tools, the confidence to build it. In the end the builder and the rest of us, enjoy the results of the vision and confidence. We enjoy the building and the results of our dreams. Others will enjoy what has been built by laying first, the foundation of Vision and Confidence.

   Without vision, no building or dream can never be built. Without confindence, they never will be built.

Just Imagine,


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