Posted by: Dahni | July 1, 2008

Bubble Wrap

© 07/1/08

 by Dahni









   Bubble wrap may likely be, the most useful and versatile thing ever invented. It is beautiful, reflecting light. It is uniform in shape. It can keep idle hands busy. You can decorate with it and even make interesting designs or write messages with it like: 

     Bubble wrap can irritate others (if you are into that sort of thing). It could be used to pack stuff, but that’s kind of boring.

    Perhaps the best use of all is that it’s well, it’s just a lot of fun! I really, really like bubble wrap!

   Sometimes you just don’t have enough or you run out. TADAH! I have found a solution to those problems. Now anytime and anywhere you are, you can have an endless supply of bubble wrap (as long as the following web site stays up). All you need is an Internet connection and the following link:

   Once at the site, turn up the volume on your speakers. If you want to pop FAST, check the box in the lower right hand corner for,  ‘Manic Mode.’ Enjoy!

   We are taking a mini busication (business + vacation = tax deductible). I will probably resume posting here, on or about 7/8/08. Have a nice Fourth of July.  🙂


Just Imagine,


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