Posted by: Dahni | August 1, 2008

The American Eagle Party

© 08/1/08

by Dahni

To begin, it has been some time since I last posted here. So much has happened since then and so much has NOT happened. This may well be my last post or at least for some time. I have tried to connect and give something inspirational and informative; something imaginative here. Sadly, few know about this blog or care and if it is the latter and it is because I have failed to connect with you and to communicate, then I sincerely beg your pardon.

I truly think in part, many people just don’t care about a lot of things which we should. It matters not how much we may “just imagine,” dream or hope for, if we do not have freedom. How can we pursue life, and liberty and happiness without freedom? I have tried to be non-political and non-spiritual (or non-religious), but I can no longer do this. We are no longer free as we once were in this country and it is time for all of us to wake up to this and more importantly, TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

I am barking mad like a dog I guess, but I am a part of the American breed known simply as the “lovable mutt.”

As mutts, I think many of us if not all of us have forgotten where we have come from, which is pretty much everywhere from the planet. Some would argue that we have been kicked out of every decent and civilized, and indecent and uncivilized nation on earth. Some would also argue that we as a nation are half-breeds and mutants, without pedigree. Forgetting who we are is like the mutts that know not who their parents are.

Whatever we are, we were and are blessed, to be a part of so great a nation that has offered so much and costs most of us so little.

Yes, we have forgotten who we are and from where we came. We have become fat, lazy, whiners and complainers and I include myself. We have been lulled to sleep with an entitlement mentality and a nurse-fed want of security from the womb to the tomb, instead of getting up off our fat asses and working for what we want; for what we need.

We are a nation of ‘rubber-neckers and crisis chasers so we can feel something. We must though be politically correct to not offend anyone. Everyone must have the same as anyone else.

We cannot say what we think, but we can use almost any expletive, display violence and immorality because we think that is freedom of speech. We have information overload and still cannot see, understand or think. Many do not even know the words ‘work‘ or ‘sacrifice.’

We either blame someone or something, for all our woes or will not take responsibility for our own destiny, but we are quick to sue.

Our system of government has been usurped by lobbyists, the media, and weak-willed, weak-minded and self-interested politicians. Shall we continue to whimper silently in the dark or shall we cry aloud with the hearts of eagles in flight? It is time for a change!

I am recommending a new party, The American Eagle Party. We already have its logo, platforms, and all necessary official documents.

The American Spirit is the heart of the American people and the heart of the American people is to soar like an eagle.

“The Founding Fathers made an appropriate choice when they selected the bald eagle as the emblem of the nation.  The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolizes the strength and freedom of America.”

– President John F. Kennedy –

The Bald Eagle can be found from Alaska to the northern border of Mexico and from Pacific to Atlantic coast.  It is the ONLY eagle that is found exclusively on the North American continent.  It is a true “Native American”.

E Pluribus Unum

These Latin words are translatedOut of many, One,” reminding us that out of many States and out of many people was born One new Nation.

From our Motto, to the Great Seal, our National Anthem, the American Creed, The Statue of Liberty, The Pledge of Allegiance, and all our living documents, this grand experiment since 1776, was to be a government “Of the People, By the People and For the People.”

How is then that in the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave,” the best that we have to choose from is a two-party system which includes the present front-runners of their prospective party? How has it become that instead of soaring like eagles, we must lumber along with elephants and jackasses?

Dumbo & Jackass

These two parties as the image above show, fight each other, instead of fighting for us. They no longer listen to the people, but to polls and photo-opps. Theirs is a constant battle for power and all at our expense. Yes, for the most part, they no longer listen to us or care about our rights and desires for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We seem powerless to do anything about it, or so we think, or so we have been made to believe.

For myself, I have never even been invited to either party and lacking any other choice, I was an Independent. But the word itself does not communicate or carry the appropriate symbolism like independence which is freedom. Freedom has a cost and though it may cost us little or nothing at all, it was paid for with many lives. We may not know what we had, until it is gone. We must wake up and take back what is ours. I am not suggesting overthrowing the government, the government has overthrown us. They have violated the law. We stand on legal grounds unless we continue to fall.

Our founding fathers wrestled with the same thing. They sought more than just the freedom from tyranny, but they sought for due process through the civility of law. Our own Declaration of Independence was no mere declaration of intention, but it set law as the course our founding fathers would take against that tyranny. Based upon law signed by a former King of England, the Declaration of Independence stated that the present King, King George, had violated the law in dealing with the colonies. Where there is no law or the enforcement or honor of law, there is nothing more than tyranny and there is no other choice for freedom loving people to do, than to separate themselves from such tyranny or remain slaves to it.

We do not use the word tyranny, socialism, Marxism, or anarchy when referring to our country, but what is Marshall Law or a State of Emergency, if not taking control over our government? We do not allow monopolies in this country, but what is the FAA, ERA, EPA, FDA among many others and even the Supreme Court that seems to be empowered to interpret what is right for the rest of us. We are taxed without representation. Our representatives have been allowed to change our laws and even vote themselves raises and benefits. Government is no longer a matter of service. It is a life-long career, a lifestyle and a business.

In the land of plenty, we have starving people and not just the poor. Our soil is depleted of vital nutrients. Our food comes mostly from corporate farms, with seeds from the Monsanto Chemical Company and DuPont. We have been eating genetically altered food for perhaps, our entire lives. Our entire economy is based on spending. We are in debt and we save little. We complain about how cheaply made our stuff is and how expensive, but we asked for it. We cannot wait, and save and we must have it now. The rights of plants and animals have more value than human life. We are in many ways divided, but we are united in religion, the religion of the state and of science, good or bad. We have no single language common among us. We have allowed other nations to dictate who we are. We have allowed other nations to control our destiny and even to own our nation.

Many say we are a democracy or are we a republic? These two forms of government: Democracy and Republic, are not only dissimilar but antithetical, reflecting the sharp contrast between (a) The Majority Unlimited, in a Democracy, lacking any legal safeguard of the rights of The Individual and The Minority, and (b) The Majority Limited, in a Republic under a written Constitution safeguarding the rights of The Individual and The Minority.

I am suggesting here a new party, The American Eagle Party. It’s platform, principles and logo already exist in our living documents. Someone needs to set this up and find candidates that will run on its platform and be held accountable to it or face immediate consequences. This can be done. It must be done. It must be done now. It is later than we think.

The American Eagle Party stands for The Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution of the United States, and the first 10 amendments. Following these, we shall return to freedom and leave this for future generations. If not now, when? If not me, who? I am not a citizen of the world. I am a human being upon the planet of humans. I am a citizen of the United States of America. I am a member of…

The American Eagle Party

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the
United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands:
one Nation under God, indivisible,
Liberty and Justice for all.”

Just Imagine,


Here is a couple of links to all the documents needed for The American Eagle Party:


  1. Dahni,

    Are you doing anything with this at all?

  2. Sorry but I do not understand your question.

  3. YES!!!
    It will take time, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and money. But it is possible!

    We American’s have a history of doing the IMPOSSIBLE! So, this is defenatly doable!

  4. Seems like a go to me!! How will we work this at the local level? Seems like that is the place to start.

  5. 1. Starts with people waking up
    2. Know the Founding documents and decide if this is what we want
    3. Every state must register party
    4. Takes money and takes time

    Postions/Platforms in the works


  6. Thank you for blog post. It is very good stuff.
    I enjoy to read!

  7. As a Radio/TV personality I feel its time to come out of the woodwork, to take an active role with the misgivings, misrepresentations and lack of direction to
    correct the problems that are getting worse by the day. As a Christian Lector, I am better prepared to create an appeal that will galvanize millions of Christians IN THE FIGHT FOR VERY SURVIVAL OF AMERICA. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO FIND A CONTACT NUMBER FOR DAHNI. Please advise.

  8. Dear Louis,

    I appreciate your comments left 1/14/2019 for the post – ‘The American Eagle Party’ To be frank, I was a little surprised how you came upon it, as it was written over 10 years ago. It is not that I do not believe what I have written is neither relevant or current because, it is and even more so now, than in 2008! But I never wrote this to start a new party, nor run for public office. Truth be told, I have not the sphere of influence, the resources, qualifications or the personality to do any of this. I write.

    I hoped in 2008 and I still hope that someone and many ones, would pick this up and run with it. I would be more than happy to support anyone and those who do, in any way that I am able to do, Wholeheartedly!

    This blog is linked to many other blogs I have written and maintain. I would like to call your attention to the link: ‘The American Eagle Service’ – to the right sidebar of this blog. That link would lead anyone to a series of six blogs, all related and associated. Eventually, it will lead to the book I wrote and published in 2011, ‘RESET’ “An UN-alien’s Guide to Resetting Our Republic” see:

    My book as I am, are virtually unknown and unread. So, having my telephone number, I am not sure if anything (other than all I have written), could or would do for you? If you have the passion and the wherewithal to do something about these things, I encourage you to do so!!!

    I am writing a sequel to my book to be published whenever possible. It will as the first, most likely be self-published, as I have no publisher, agent, the resources or the influence to publish it in any other manner. It will likely be available as either print or demand and/or as an eBook (digital download), and likely for FREE. For with me, it has never been and still is not, about fame or money, but about RESETTING OUR REPUBLIC! I am willing to do all that I can for that purpose!

    Still, after reading all of this and if you still want to reach me by phone, shoot me another comment, and I will respond ASAP. My online profile is pretty transparent (Google or Search: Dahni Hayden). Please note: After 10 years I just canceled my Facebook presence (timelines, pages and groups-, due to privacy violations of data and lack of use interest. But I just don’t give out my telephone number to anyone. If you write again, please tell me something more about yourself and what I may or could possibly do for you.



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