Posted by: Dahni | September 21, 2008

Behind Two Simple Words – HUGE IMPACT

   He did not know me and I did not know him. I was reluctant at first, as he had just started to eat his meal and had the first bite of food in his mouth. I approached. I could barely form two words and did not wish to disturb him.

   Behind those words were a plethora, of thoughts and emotions, respect and even unspoken prayers. He was a very young man, clean cut and seemed barely out of high school or perhaps in his early twenties. I have no idea his age, where he came from, if he had a family, a wife or children. I do not know what his future held. I did not truly know what kind of person he was, his background, his dreams, hopes and fears. I did not even know if he would even still be alive next year, next month, next week or even tomorrow. I had never met the man and I knew, I may never have another opportunity.

   All I knew was that this man was a soldier in uniform. I knew that he had incredible discipline, training, courage, brains and compassion. I knew this man, like many like him, were all sworn to protect my sorry ass, my stupid opinions, my vanity, my selfishness, my laziness, my cowardice, my anger, frustration, meanness, inabilities, hypocrisy, prejudices, fears, hopes and dreams, as well as those of everyone else in this country. I knew this man was protecting my freedom and yours. This is some of what was behind two simple words.

   I walked up to this man I did not know, whom I may never see again and reached out my hand. He quickly dropped his fork and reached for mine. All I said was, “THANK YOU!” 

   His eyes brightened and his face grinned, as if he just inherited the entire earth. He answered, “MY HONOR!”

   Two Simple Words – HUGE IMPACT!!!


Just Imagine,



  1. You gotta update this more! You have some great stuff on here!

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