Posted by: Dahni | November 13, 2008

Would You?

   Would you help me, help YOU, to help others?

   At this very moment, many people are scared. They are frightened of loosing their home, maybe even their job. The media does not help because almost everywhere you turn, there is more bad news. People are angry and they either engage in the ‘Blame Game’ or turn to government for help. The same government I might add, which is responsible for this economic crisis in the first place. The same government which is going to fix it? Would you like to also, buy into to some fantastic property, really, really cheap in Antarctica?

   No matter how you slice it, there are a certain number of people that all want a piece of pie, but the pie is only so big. We are told that everyone has to tighten their belt, but what about the ones that have or will be receiving our money to bail them out? Possible? Sure. Probable? Probably not. This is a symptom of greed and when you really boil it down, greed is fear too. Think about that, one is greedy because they are afraid they will not have enough. The ceiling of ‘enough’ continues to rise and there never, ever seems to be enough. It does NOT have to be this way! There are answers and I have one.    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being financially FREE or even being rich. If this describes your present situation, is more than you need always kept for yourself or do you help others not to just get a fish and eat for the day, but to learn HOW to fish and never be hungry again? Think about that. If you know HOW to fish, catch a lot of fish and give it all away, would you starve? Not likely, you would just catch some more fish. Please do not misunderstand, “saving for a rainy day,” is a great idea, but if all of our needs are met, what is real abundance for if not to help others have the same opportunities as you!    Maybe everything is Okey Dokey with you, but do you know others that need help? Maybe having more money is not important to you, but ‘Time Freedom,’ is.    It does not matter if we are having inflation, recession or even a depression, people still need to live. They still need and want stuff, money, the freedom to enjoy their lives and the time to enjoy it. Would you help me, help YOU, to help others?   I have an answer that no matter what you may need or want; no matter what others may need or want, this could be a WIN WIN for everyone. I does not matter if you are male or female, young or old, successful or not yet, what city or town in the United States you may live in.

   Would you help me, help YOU, to help others?

    If you are really looking for something which has the potential to change your life and that of others.  Are e you willing to find out if this is for you; to see if you are right for this or ready for this? I am looking for four people well connected, with sharp business minds that would like to retire in about 5 years and help others succeed in the process. If you are the right person or if you know the right people we can work out something that is mutably profitable.

   Would you help me, help YOU, to help others?  

   Is this another scam? Is it another pyramid or multi-level marketing ‘thing.’ I can promise you one thing. If you never contact me because of fear or you do not trust these words, you will still be where you are right now. I will still have an answer. I can not do this alone. Would you help me, help YOU, to help others?   What if this is for real? What if I am not insane? What if I am really NOT trying to rip you off, or scam you? What if this really is a WIN WIN for everyone that takes advantage of the opportunity? utilizes this?  Would you help me, help YOU, to help others? 

    Please contact me and tell me what you need or want from life if there were a way to make that happen. Is it a thing, saving money, making money, an opportunity, helping others or what do you really want? We can meet over the phone, over the Internet or if you live in Rochester, NY area, over coffee. Would you help me, help YOU, to help others? 


Just Imagine,


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