Posted by: Dahni | January 7, 2009

Step Up & Step Out

There lies within us each, something unique of which it is ours alone to share with the world. Perhaps the world will never know unless we, forsaking our fears and lack of confidence, step up the stairs of taking a chance and step out onto the stage of possibility.

Such was the life of Paul Potts around 36 years of age. He was a cell phone salesman. He lacked confidence in himself. He saw himself as being ‘different’ and was bullied in school as a child. But there was one quiet place, his place, a place  he could call his own and this place was singing. But the world would never know, unless unknown Paul Potts was to ‘Step Up & Step Out.’ He decided to take a chance on possibility.

The Simon Cowell you know from American Idol, also judges a TV show called Britain’s Got Talent. During the audition, Paul Potts appeared in a frumpy suit and timidly announced he would be singing opera. You could see the other judges and Simon almost rolling their eyes at Potts as if to say, Oh no, here we go again.

Then Paul Potts began to sing- and his clear, strong tenor voice electrified the audience who rose from their seats in excitement, cheering wildly. One of the judges cried. Simon and the other judge were simply ‘blown away.

After Paul Potts went on to the semi-finals and winning the entire contest, he also launched an international singing career. All because he stepped up and stepped out.

What about you and I?  Talent alone is never enough. We must step up and step out!

Enjoy the video.

Just Imagine,


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