Posted by: Dahni | January 11, 2009


   In our day and time we have information explosion, implosion and quite possibly OVERLOAD. It is so often difficult to synthesise what is true and even what is important to you. But for a certain matter of potential interest and importance to you, I will provide the appropriate synthesis.

   Your TV may be about ready to explode (just kidding), or become useless. Slated to go into effect in February 2009, all television broadcasts will be in digital format and your TV will have to be able to receive these signals in order for you to view anything on the screen.

   A recent radio talk show host was highly critical of stupid people not getting prepared for this event since it has been highly advertised, discussed, and delivered to the public by the media for nearly 2 years. This includes the recent broadcast by the radio talk show host.

   Apparently, this mass blasting of information has been insufficient and inefficient. The president elect suggested that 1.3 million people are still not prepared and that perhaps the date of implementation should be delayed. To this suggestion, the same radio talk show host went on to ridicule and criticise the stupidity of 1.3 million people and that they were just waiting on another hand-out or for a breast from Mommy Government.

   Always follow the money! When you look closer, you will see that the government has not been able to fulfil their promise of a $40 coupon/credit to upgrade the TV of 1.3 million people still requesting it. Hmmm, 1.3 million X $40 is how much? Are 1.3 million people really not prepared or is it the government?

   OK, suppose it is really 1.3 million people that are not prepared for digital TV. Why not? Is it because they are stupid as suggested by the talk show host; lazy and worthless welfare recipients?

   If it has taken nearly 2 years to get out the information and 1.3 million people ‘still don’t get it,’ who is really stupid here? Why it’s the media which includes the radio talk show host, that’s who! Why is the media the ones that are stupid? Because, they have confused perhaps way over 1.3 million people with TMI – too much information! What exactly does one need to understand? What follows is the SYNTHESIS.

Note: If you do not have a TV; if you do not plan on having a TV, and if you could care less about TV – NONE OF THE FOLLOWING APPLIES TO YOU!

Your TV May Not Work After February 2009

 (Here is what you need to know and do)

1. Apply for a $40 coupon/credit to purchase a converter box (for how to apply, see #5 below)

2. Purchase a converter box

3. Buy a new TV

4. Become a subscriber (purchaser), of Cable TV or Satelite TV

5. For additional information, ask someone that has digital TV or sells TV’s

5. Share this information with everyone you know

This information will not be repeated. Please avoid any information from anyone or anything that takes nearly 2 years to explain it!!!!!

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