Posted by: Dahni | January 20, 2009


   This blog post started as a reply to a friend’s post on Facebook. He said he wanted “to grow younger..” To which I replied that I cannot help you grow younger, but I can help you slow down the aging process – REALLY!  He really wanted to know, so here is my answer to him that I am also, sharing with you who read this.  

   From the moment we are born, HUGE amounts of antioxidants begin to diminish as they are attacked by free radicals. Free radicals occur in the environment and are naturally occurring. Some people exercise to stay healthy, but exercise produces free radicals. Unless they are counter-balanced with sufficient antioxidants, it leads to many problems including premature aging. Want an example? Cut a slice of an apple and watch it turn brown before your eyes. This is oxidation. Most of the antioxidant protection is in the skin of the apple. Want an example of antioxidant protection? Squeeze some lemon juice on the cut piece of apple and it will slow down the browning or aging of the apple.

   Have you ever wondered why the giant redwood trees, cacti in the desert and even grapevines (among others); live so long, some 100’s and 1,000’s of years? The answer is antioxidants and individual DNA of course. So by researching plants like these, science has actually isolated the specific gene which turns on and can turn off the aging process, just like a switch. 

   So what have they found that can turn off this ‘aging’ switch? The answer is, RESVERATROL! Harvard medical school calls it the “Holy Grail of Anti-Aging Research!” Where do you get it? You can research it for yourself (you should anyway). You could just drink 1,000 bottles of wine every day as it is from grapes and other plants. Please note massive quantities are not necessary! Smaller amounts in combination with other like natural supplements have been proven to be far superior! Then again, you could just wait until it gets synthesized and patented and available as a prescription from your doctor (in process as I write this). Pharmacology institutes and companies are not primarily interested in the benefits of nature, but profit. You cannot make an obscene amount of money on nature and you cannot patent ‘mother nature.’  You could however, work with the FDA to regulate everybody else and you could synthesize nature so you can get a patent and charge whatever you want. Or you could get it NOW from me, as an isotonic capable supplement. 

   From the time we reach about the age of 18, our bodies start to slow the production of HGH (human growth hormone). Estimates report that by the time we reach age 60, as much as 80% of HGH has declined! 

   Many people such as professional athletes, Olympians and others have turned to or some try still, steroids, PED’s (performance enhancement drugs), and HGH. Sports teams and the Olympics have for some time now, banned their use. Sometimes steroids are used for pain management like professional wrestlers as Hulk Hogan. One thing a steroid does is to help reduce inflammation. So do naturally occurring anti-oxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. Roger Clemens has been under suspicion of using PED’s for some time. 

   Most of these drugs are not always illegal, just banned, unregulated, or available only by prescription, but their long-term effects are still not fully known. People see others get some results so they are influenced to try them, despite the potential risks to their careers and their health. 

   The ‘Baby Boomers,’ nearing retirement age, were the origin of the present Health and Wellness generation. They were and still are, looking for almost anything which would allow them to be healthier and live longer. Their demands on the upside have led to phenomenal research and products. On the downside, unscrupulous or incompetent businesses and business practices have opened up something like ‘Pandora’s Box.’ There is a plethora of harmful products, false claims and things that just DON’T WORK, flooding the market place. Such is the case with HGH. 

   Sylvester Stallone has admitted to using HGH and testosterone to prepare for the physically demanding roles of Rocky and Rambo. Paul Byrd, the veteran pitcher who has helped the Cleveland Indians reach the brink of the World Series, bought nearly $25,000 worth of human growth hormone and syringes from a Florida anti-aging clinic that was targeted by law enforcement, for illegally distributing performance-enhancing drugs. 

   Please be advised that unless you are paying around $1,000 for injectable HGH, you are probably NOT getting the ‘real deal’ or in sufficient quantities to make a difference, despite who makes it, what they claim, their guarantees, what’s on the label and even if they use the term HGF or the phrase “contains HGH,” on the label or their logo. I started this blog originally as a reply to a friend’s question on Facebook. As I was typing this out, almost instantly, an advertisement for Sytropin HGH appeared. I followed the link: 

   Next, I searched for ‘HGH’ on Google and the above company and their product was #1 on the list as of 1/19/08. Looking at their list of ingredients, there is no mention of HGH! Again, please be advised that unless you are paying around $1,000 for injectable HGH, you are probably NOT getting the ‘real deal’ or in sufficient quantities to make a difference, despite who makes it, what they claim, their guarantees, what’s on the label and even if they use the term HGF or the phrase “contains HGH,” on the label or their logo. The most reliable source for true HGH is from a licensed Physician and by prescription, but if your doctor believes you need it, it just might not be for the reasons you want it!!!! 

   Still, what does one do about the naturally declining levels of HGH, at or around the age of eighteen? The answer is Secretagogue!  A secretagogue is a substance which causes another substance to be secreted. HGH is produced in the pituitary gland. Therefore, a Secretagogue would cause the pituitary gland to produce and secret HGH. Sytropin HGH is listed as #2 under ‘Secretagogue’ using Google, as of 1/19/08 because, THAT IS WHAT IT REALLY IS! They get away with using HGH in their name and just fall short of false advertising because, according to them, their product, as suggested by the name alone, implies that it contains HGH. One last time, please be advised that unless you are paying around $1,000 for injectable HGH, you are probably NOT getting the ‘real deal’ or in sufficient quantities to make a difference, despite who makes it, what they claim, their guarantees, what’s on the label and even if they use the term HGF or the phrase “contains HGH,” on the label or their logo. 

   HGH is clinically used to treat children’s growth disorders and adult growth hormone deficiency. In recent years, replacement therapies with human growth hormones (HGH), have become popular in the battle against aging. Reported effects include decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, increased bone density, increased energy levels, improved skin tone and texture, and improved immune system function. The latter is why it is sometimes prescribed for Aids patients, to boost their immune system. 

   So you cannot get your doctor to prescribe it, what do you do? Short of getting it illegally, you could try and get it from some other country and bring it into the US.  All those that sell it want to tout something like the following: 

“If it isn’t injectable growth hormone, it isn’t growth hormone, period! Growth hormone cannot be taken effectively by spray, it cannot be swallowed, and it cannot be absorbed through the skin.” 

Typical HGH promotion verbiage

HGH cannot be taken effectively by spray, tablets, or by swallowing. Injectable HGH – Human Growth Hormone Injection however is most effective when applied by sub-cutaneous or intramuscular injection. Human Growth Hormone (Hgh) are secretagogues, mostly amino acids, which cause the pituitary to liberate a small amount of human growth hormone, but these are much less effective than real recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH). True (rHGH) injectable hgh- human growth hormone injection is dispensed only with a prescription and can only be taken by sub-cutaneous or intramuscular injection. There are other alternative Injectable HGH products. There is the sub-lingual spray version which is taken under the tongue. The other alternative comes in tablet form. These methods however are certainly not as effective as the injectable HGH – human growth hormone form,

Typical Injectable HGH promotion verbiage 

   Technically, the verbiage above is accurate, but what does it mean to you? Since the potential adverse side-effects of injectable HGH are just recently coming into the light and the long term effects are not fully known, should you take it; do you need it, despite the risks? Comparing all forms of HGH therapy with injectable HGH is like using a match to start a fire or would you prefer to use a stick of dynamite?

   A true Secretagogue does NOT CONTAIN HGH, it gets your own body to produce it and secrete it naturally. More specifically, Secretagogues are: Amino Acids that stimulate the endocrine system to increase hormonal secretions.

   Specific glands use specific combinations of amino acids to trigger hormonal secretions.  The process of “nutrient stacking” involves providing the right nutrients .. in the proper combination .. at the right time to achieve optimum desired results, without prescriptions or injections. L-arginine, Glycine, L-Ornithine, L-glutamine, and L-lysine are the amino acids to stack.

   Exercise helps to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce HGH. Exercise also produces free radicals. Use of a Secretagogue should include exercise, a healthy diet, vitamin and mineral supplementation and antioxidant protection, ideally from isotonic capable solutions. The word “supplement” means to supply that which is lacking. Whether you are a Christian or not, science recognizes that we are made from the basic structures found in soil. We are made of dirt. Our life comes from the soil and should be replenished by the soil by way of  the food we consume. Make no mistake, the soil from which we grow our food in 1935 was shown to be 50% deficient in vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The lack of these can lead to premature aging, sickness, disease and even premature death. This is what supplements should mean to you.

   So if you want to slow the process of aging you could drink 1,000 bottles of wine per day or get isotonic capable Resveratrol from me. You could light a match and start a fire with other forms of HGH, spend $1,000 + on injectable HGH and light a stick of dynamite or you can get Ultra Prime Secretagogue from me, and help your body to do what it is designed to do naturally.

   If you are serious about anti-aging; if you would like specific information on RESVERATROL and SECRETOGOGUE, leave a message and I’ll get the information to you.

   If you cannot turn back the clock, what if you could slow it down…

Just Imagine,



  1. Interesting post, I might have to look into this stuff

  2. Hi Dahni,

    Very well written article and great explanation of antioxidants. Your apple example makes it very easy for people to understand how this process works. So many people over look this simple process by which our bodies age.

    Resveratrol is certainly proving to be worthy of further research. Unfortunately, at this time there is very little long-term research on humans to prove or disprove the benefits of resveratrol. However, the mice certainly are showing us the possibilities are there for many different ailments.

    I’ve been documenting and discussing resveratrol on my blog. The more information we share the better off we’ll end up being in the end.

    All the best,

  3. The wonder ingredient in wine is indeed resveratrol. The current studies performed by researchers have shown great promise for resveratrol treating the diseases of aging that document the findings for the potential health benefits in treating heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, and other diseases.

  4. Just as botanicals produce antioxidants (like resveratrol) to protect them selves, our body has it’s own antioxidant protection system.

  5. Dahni ~

    I would be interested in more information.

  6. Dear Peter,

    Thanks for your comment. Glutathione is a non-esential nutrient as it is synthesized in the human body and occurs naturally in many foods, and people who eat well probably have enough in their diets, says Dean Jones, PhD, professor of biochemistry and director of nutritional health sciences at Emory University in Atlanta. Those with diets high in fresh fruits and vegetables and freshly prepared meats are most likely just fine. On the other hand, those with poor diets may get too little. The key is the dirt. Dirt is essentially barren of its nutritional value and in 1935, in a report to congress, is was then 50% depleted of its nutritional value. In 2006, a study group on the effects of a spinach rich diet, at the conclusion showed almost every participant had an iron deficiency. Not until they compared soil samples of 1935 with 2006 did they understand why. You would have to eat 50 bowls of spinach in 2006 to equal 1 bowl in 1935. Nutrition is still the answer, but it is not presently to be found in most USA soil. This is the reason for nutraceuticals. Glutathione will be rich in the human boy naturally, when its nutritional needs are are met and in balance. It is NOT massive doasages of Glutathione we need, its is what produces it naturally in our bodies that we need! Slowing down the aging process with Resveratrol (Secretaogogues – HGH enhancer if desired), should be in addition to many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in smaller dosages and in multiple combinations, in balance and consumed as isotonic capable soultiuons, whenever and where ever possible.


  7. Dear David,

    Thanks for your comment and information. All though Resveratrol is NEW to the public consciousness it is not NEW to researchers. These are the basic facts:

    1. The genes Sirt1-Sirt7 are being researched as they have been specifically identified as precursors to the aging process.
    2. Sirt1 when activated slows the aging process and is identified with caloric restriction
    3. Resveratrol mimics caloric restriction
    4. Anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals work better in smaller dosages and in combinations, NOT a mass-blast dose.
    5. Though the product you suggested may be good, it is still a liquid. Liquid supplementation is better than pill forms. Bioavailbility or absorption of pills are about 10-15%. Liquids are about 30%. If you are interested in about 95%, it has to be in an isotonic capable solution (same osmotic pressure as blood, sweat, tears – body fluids). Isotonic is exactly how the human body absorbs all nutrition into the bloodstream. The Resveratrol I wrote about is isontonic capable.



  8. Dear Markus,

    Thanks very much for your kind comments. I Did check out your site and you do have a lot of useful information. We however are in competition with with one another as you have other products for sale. The Reseveratrol I am referring to in my post is Isotonic capable meaning about 95% is absorbed into the blood stream in about five minutes per capful. Pills 10-15%. Liquid about 30%. It is not how potent something is, but how much gets absorbed. Research shows that smaller dosages in combinations are far superior to mass-blasting dosages. Massive doses of almost anything can become toxic. Isotonic, smaller dosages with combinations of other ingredients all in blance is the solution.



  9. very interesting article

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