Posted by: Dahni | June 29, 2009

My Hero

by Dahni

© Copyright 2009

all rights reserved

This is part (2) in a three part series. Today;  ‘My Hero.’

Everyone needs a hero.

Have you ever had a hero or if you’re not so politically correct and your hero is a she, have you ever had a heroine?


One definition of a hero (as an all inclusive noun), would be a [person] “of distinguished courage or ability, admired for [their] brave deeds and noble qualities.”

We frequently think of heroes as those individuals which often in time of crisis, respond to the need of others with incredible courage. Many times this response is against incredible odds and often with great risks to their own lives. We personally know or have heard of fire fighters rescuing a child, some adult or even a beloved pet from the very open jaws of a burning death. We have heard of many a drowning averted. We have heard of soldiers, police officers and others standing in front of others as a shield against speeding bullets or other projectiles. The lists, the stories and the names could fill many books.

We know or we know of many people like this, but heroes can also be those that have encouraged or inspired others. Perhaps a hero has completely changed your life by something as simple as, something they said to you, something you heard or something you heard about? Maybe your hero is the pattern for your life? Maybe because of your hero, you have become or are striving to become, your absolute best?

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes, colors, races, ages, male and female. They come from every place on the face of the earth; every corner, up the street and down the street; right next door and sometimes, even someone in your own family.

Most heroes never set out to become anyone’s hero. They just step up and do what is the most natural thing in their minds to do, at the precise, exact and right moment. Most heroes don’t even believe they are a hero. Instead, they just believe they did what was needed and they do whatever is needed at the moment. Most do not believe they have done nor do anything more or anything less than that. Most certainly do not think their actions are to be considered extraordinary. Most heroes don’t even know they are a hero.

If you have a hero, is your hero someone you personally know? Maybe you have never even told them what they have done for you or what they mean to your life?

Each of us is, or we are becoming, whatever we are. For me, I write a lot. As a writer, one would think I am sensitive to things around me and to others. I have always tried to remember the smallest things ever given to me or done for me by others, and to tell them so. I think I write better than I am able to speak the words in person. All our grandparents in our family have left the world. Our mother and our father are no longer with us. I have written something in their memory for each of them. I would like to think those words were true and had meaning, but more importantly that they were NOT words never spoken or written to them, while they were still alive. But there are two others which yet live, that may not know how much they mean to me. One is my hero and the other you will read about tomorrow, is my first best friend. But today, my Hero.

My hero is my brother.

My brother was always older than I in many ways, in years and in growing up; maturity. When I was young, I always admired my ‘older’ brother. He was very athletic and an early on, extremely hard worker. He worked and bought a lot of the things he wanted and needed. He had great taste in clothes and I wanted to be like him. It was easy for me to inappropriately borrow his ‘stuff,’ but I never could fill out his clothes like he did, I never looked as good in his clothes as he did and I always got in trouble for taking his stuff.

My brother was popular with both men and the ladies. I wanted to be like him. I even started to watch him sneak out of the house late at night and followed him. Our mom often caught him coming back through the basement window, but for some reason, I don’t think she ever caught him, if I was with him. It was weird too because, he was always so quiet and I was clumsy and noisy. I think he tolerated me coming along, because he knew he wouldn’t get caught if I was with him. These are just some early seeds sown into my life through my brother, but they are not the fruits which have grown from the tree called, my brother is my hero.

My brother went to college and did not complete his education. He went to work and often it was hard work, thankless work and work so far below his potential. He married and was betrayed and it nearly broke his heart, but he kept going. He married again and raised two daughters. It took him a long time in caring for a family and working full time, driving maybe 3o minutes one way and back, but he went back to school and got his degree, graduating magna cum laude (Latin – “with the highest honors”).

My brother; my hero is retired now from a job he never loved; from work where he was never appreciated nor respected, and passed over, for an incompetent fool that became his boss and the same man my brother trained with the bonds of friendship.

My brother; my hero worked hard and provided for his family. He saved his money and bought a house and made it a home. His family grew. He saved his money, bought a bigger house and made it a better home. My brother; my hero stayed in our hometown for most of his life. It was only in the last couple of years that he and his wife moved to another state, but it was only after both his daughters were grown and able to stand on their own.

While I was off and out in the world and looking for me (some think I still am), my brother; my hero was there when our grandparents died; our mother and our father. My brother; my hero never reached some great pinnacle of fame, glory, riches and honor, but he is the essence of what makes all those things possible for others.

The past is a memory. Tomorrow we may not have. Today, right now and this very moment, is all the time that anyone of us possesses.

“If some praise is due them

Now’s the time to slip it to em’

For they cannot read their tombstone

When their gone!”

– unknown –


Richard, my brother; my hero

Thank you my brother, my hero!

Tomorrow, Part (3):  ‘My First Best Friend

Just I-Magine,


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