Posted by: Dahni | June 30, 2009

My First Best Friend

by Dahni

© Copyright 2009

all rights reserved

This is Part (3) in a three part series. Today: My First Best Friend

Everyone needs a friend.

The stores and stories may be endless in the selling and the telling of friendship. The songs and poetry of friendship may be measureless in quantity. The books and bookshelves of all the past, the present and the future combined, may not contain the whole works of friendship and of friends. The definitions of what friendship is and what a friend is may be without number.

It has been said that if you or I live our entire lives with only just one true friend, even for just a little while, our lives have been truly blessed!

Have you ever had a friend? Do you have a friend?


Some friends come and go for whatever reason; for whatever reasons. Some friends stay for the whole of our lives.  Some have 100’s and thousands of friends listed on Facebook or some other on line; Internet, social network. Some have 100’s of thousands and millions of followers on I have not faired as well. But I have had more than one friend; I have more than one friend and perhaps even just one friend, is more than I should have ever had?

It is easy to make friends when one has something that others want or need. Sometimes when we are empty and spent, we sometimes lose those friends. When the weather is fair, they may be there, but when the storms rage within us and around us, our fair-weather friends may not be found.

Some friends are formed and friendships are bound by common goals and common interests. Sometimes there is no logical explanation for a friendship to anyone. It just is!

Sometimes friendships are broken over time and distance. Sometimes they are severed by an unkind word or deed. Sometimes the friendship is lost over opinion, disagreement or irreconcilable differences, perceived or rightly believed. Some view and hold to friends that do not see or hold them as their friends.

It could be said that there is little in life to compare to the heart healing of a friend made, than the heart hurting over a friend lost. I have found friends, been found by friends and I have lost friends over something I have said and that I have done, intentional or not.

Friends come in many shapes and sizes, colors, races, ages, male and female. They come from every place on the face of the earth; every corner, up the street and down the street; right next door and sometimes, even someone in your own family.

We frequently think of friends as those individuals which often in time of crisis, respond to our need, deserved or not. Many times this response is against incredible odds and often with great risks to their own lives. Often they take the heat in defending us and draw the contempt of us by others, to themselves. Some friends rarely say a word, but are just there, to be with us. Some friends cry when we cry, laugh when we laugh, even over stupid things and are there to hear us; to hold us and to dry our tears. Some friends are our greatest fans and rejoice with us over the smallest of matters. The lists, the stories and the names of friends could fill books, perhaps without number.

We know or we know of many people like this, but friends can also be those that have encouraged or inspired us. Perhaps a friend has completely changed your life by something as simple as, something they said to you, something you heard or something you heard about? Maybe your friend is the pattern for your life? Maybe because of your friend, you have become or are striving to become, your absolute best?

Most friends never set out to become anyone’s friend. They often just suddenly appear in our lives, at the precise moment when they are needed the most. Most friends may not even know they are our friends, only that we are their friends.

In the least common denominator, there must be at least two for there to be a friendship and some type of exchange between them, for them to be friends.

I have been truly more than blessed to have had friends and to have friends.

I had two best friends in the first grade, but we were separated, probably, by our school, to avert potential trouble that we three may have caused. We were separated from the 2nd grade on. 🙂

I had a best friend in high school, but we have long been parted over beliefs.  To me a friend is like a family member. You may not have chosen them, but once family or a friend, it is for always.

I had a friendship briefly in 1975-76 that to me was, like that of David and Jonathan in the Bible. We have long been estranged by most likely, my own lack of judgment and inability to live up to my potential. I had to go away and we simple lost touch.

My mother and I were best friends for many years, before her passing, now some twenty years ago.

I have friends I rarely see, but we communicate somehow; someway and as often as possible.

I have friends I love dearly, but they may rarely if ever, even think of me.

I have friends I communicate with as often as I can, but the seldom ever contact me.

I am married to my best friend.

As strange as this might sound to many, I even had a cat that was my friend. We started off barely tolerant of one another. Then we became nearly inseparable. She passed away almost two years ago.

All of these things written thus far I have been touched with and perhaps they reach you too, into your experience; into the depths of your being? Many of these elements describe the nature of friendship and define the quality of a friend. I am confident that there is much more than I have experienced, could even imagine or perhaps will never comprehend. But to me, a friend and a friendship may not even be possible to fully understand. To me, it may not even be what they have done or what they do. A friend is just a friend. A friendship is just a friendship. It just exists often because of and more often, in spite of anything we may have done or that we may ever do. Once a friend to me, you are always my friend.

I am a visual learner. Perhaps part of this may be due to the fact that I was born and raised in Missouri, the ‘Show Me State.’ Perhaps I am like a Missouri mule, slow to ‘get it,’ but I’d like to think that eventually, I get it.

Am I some expert on friendship? All that I know of friendship and of friends, I have learned by the examples of others.

I would never have been able to conceive of a friendship with God, had it not been for the relationship I once shared, with my first, best friend. This friendship set the example, for all I have come to know and experience of friendship. Yes, this was set in motion, by what I saw, heard, felt and came to experience through the relationship shared, with my very first, best friend.

Like one’s first love, or a mother with her child, it seems impossible to me to ever forget, one’s first, best friend!

My sister is my First, Best Friend!

The past is a memory. Tomorrow we may not have. Today, right now and this very moment, is all the time that anyone of us possesses.

“If some praise is due them

Now’s the time to slip it to em’

For they cannot read their tombstone

When their gone!”

– unknown –


Thank you my sister, my First Best Friend!

Just I-Magine,



  1. Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

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