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Life As Football

By Dahni

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all rights reserved


Now many people may not like or appreciate the sport of football, but in the United States, we are well into the ‘season.’ And so I thought some parallels of ‘Life as Football’ would be apropos.

We each have a finite number of ‘seasons’ – spring, summer, fall and winter to play our best in this life, just as there are four quarters to play in the game of football. When the game is over and our lives are complete, it’s over! There may be ‘instant replays’ recorded, but there are no repeats or do-overs.

Each of us have the potential for greatness; to be become ‘stars,’ and to shine as the best of the best through our individual and unique talents. But often the measure of this potential and greatness comes to light and is demonstrated in the concerted and collective efforts of many, as in the concept of a team in football.

Individuals in life, just as in football may become MVP’s (most valuable players), as a running back which scores the most touchdowns or the quarterback which throws them. These may receive the most glory; the greatest accolades; fame and fortune, but what are they; what are we, without the help of others? How does that running back score without the carefully executed pass from the quarterback? How does the quarterback deliver these expert passes without the blocking and protection of others and others to catch those passes?

Often in life as in football, there are injuries, hurts, pains and other circumstances which take players and persons out of the game; out of the pursuit for excellence. The game or the challenge does not end there. Though no unique person can ever be replaced, they must be replaced for the end – the goal is greater than the individual. The whole is the sum of its individual parts, but the whole must endure and must fulfill its chosen destination, with or without its individual parts.

Life, just as in football is made up of many obstacles and challenges. Sometimes these are in nature and sometimes they are other people who block our way and would tackle us and prevent us, from reaching our destination. It is at this point where the help of others which share the same goals as us, become absolutely necessary for these goals to be realized!

Just as in football, there are rules in life to follow and there are penalties and consequences when we do not.

There are four downs or limited chances to move closer to the goal. The only way to move closer towards the goal is, to move towards the goal. If you cannot run through, over, around or under the challenge in the allotted time, sometimes you throw the opportunity away, with the hope that the opportunity will be pulled again, ‘out of the air.’ If nothing seems to work, you kick the opportunity away so as to not just make it more difficult for others to seize the opportunity, but with hope again, that you will recover the opportunity.

Each person and each player must have discipline, belief in themselves; their abilities, their coaches and leaders and others on the team or those working to the same ends, along side of them. Each player and each person must have the commitment to endure the many obstacles and challenges and their own physical and mental limitations. This push beyond what is believed to be possible is not possible without hope – hope to see the end before the end is realized and without love – love for self; for others, love of the game or the pursuit of excellence and love from others.

This love from others is seen on the sidelines, in the box seats and the ‘nosebleed’ cheap seats of fans, friends and family in the stadiums of our lives. The collective roar of the enthusiastic crowd draws the individual best from within each person or player. It draws it up. And it draws it out!

There is an unbreakable bond between those that love and those that are loved. There is energy; incredible energy in the stadiums and the stadiums of our lives. This energy is transferred from those that love to those that are loved and it continues to circle in this way, for the duration of the game or until the end – that ‘goal post’ at the finish of every life.

Players and persons come with high expectations to excel – to give their individual and collective best. Fans, friends and family come expecting to receive excellence. There is no one in the game of life – player, coach, leader, staff, family, friend or fan which is not transformed by the pursuit of excellence or the game of football.

There is transference as when one or others together accomplish something great or a team wins, all win in one way or another. A team may not win; a goal may not be realized, but all will be transformed, even if it is just for a time. The memories may fade and the players and persons all pass away, but the essence endures and will be picked up as football, to run with, kick or pass to others tomorrow.

In a sketch by comedian and actor Andy Griffin entitled ‘What It Is, Is Football,’ he humorously summed up the sport as follows:

“The goal of football seems to be, to run from one end of this cow pasture to the other, without either getting knocked down or stepping in something.”

To those that believe or think that football is just a game and not life, this is only true according to how it is played. We could for the entirety of our lives, just play with life and never live. Or, for four quarters or the finite seasons of our lives, we could individually and together give our all. For that single moment or for those times, we truly ‘LIVE!

Just as no individual or player is most important, neither is the coach or the leader in the game of football or life. Each of the individual parts makes up the whole. Each part has his or her job, position or purpose to fulfill. But how important is the leader or the coach; what is their job?

Vince Lombardi was named “Coach of the Century” by ESPN. He is remembered for his dedication and infectious enthusiasm. He took a losing team and molded them to think and act as one champion. When there were no other challenges to meet and overcome, the Super Bowl unofficially became the next mark of Vince Lombardi on football and on life.

“The history of the Super Bowl starts with two things: the merging of the American Football League with National Football League, and a bouncy rubber ball.Football2

The NFL – AFL World Championship Game was created as a piece of the merger agreement between the NFL and the AFL in 1966. During the negotiations between the NFL and the AFL, Kansas City Chief owner, Lamar Hunt, thought of the name “Super Bowl” for the Championship game, after observing his daughter playing with her toy Super Ball.

The first Championship took place in 1967. With the official title being quite a mouth full, the fans as well as the media took to the short, unofficial name, Super Bowl. In 1969, the name, “Super Bowl” became official.”

Excerpts & Edited from:

With Vince Lombardi as their coach, The Green Bay Packers won the first two Super Bowls convincingly!


“Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is!”

“Excellence must be pursued – it must be wooed with all of one’s might and every effort that we have. Each day there is a new encounter. Each week there is a new challenge. In all of the display and in all of the noise and all of the glamour and all of the color and all of the excitement and all of the rings and all of the money, these are the things that only linger in the memory. But the spirit – the will to excel; the will to win, these are the things that endure.”


Just I-Magine,


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