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The word freedom in this country or anyplace in the world means nothing, unless one is at liberty to enjoy that freedom. Without liberty, any freedoms are merely matters of privilege or some form of payment. If freedoms are by privilege or payment, they can also be denied or refused by the powers that be which granted them. These are not freedoms as there is no liberty to enjoy them.

I have a friend, a Chinese friend that has been a citizen of the United States for many years. He came to this country for opportunities and he is quite successful here. What really shocked me was that some day, his goal is to return to China to live. Now why would he want to do that? He was born in a communist country that does not afford the liberty, enjoyed in our country. If he or anyone coming to this country had it so great, why did he or does anyone come here in the first place? The only answers are privilege and payments of some kind made to afford them. If my friend returns to China, either his former status or his new success would afford him the privilege or by payments he would be able to enjoy some measure of freedom in China. What is given may be taken.

What makes the United States of America unique in all of the world? There are only three things:

1.   As a people with one voice, it was unanimously declared that all people have god-given; inalienable rights to independence, not just from England in 1776, but independence from all powers foreign and domestic and for all time. This declaration was in written form in 1776.

2.   By June 21st, 1788 nine of the first original 13 states ratified our written constitution. By December 15th, 1791 the first 10 amendments, the ‘Bill of Rights,’ became the law of “WE the People.” Our willingness to declare independence and put it into writing and our constitution also, put into written form, are two of three things that make us stand out among all the nations of the world.

Every man woman and child desires liberty. All people think about it, dream about it; many pray for it and most talk about it, but we had it written into the law of the land!

But what about the third reason which makes us shine out as a beacon to all other nations?  How is this liberty to continue and how are these rights and freedoms protected?

3.   The answer was written over 200 years ago. It is seen in the first three words of our constitution, “WE the People.” Not only is this the last ingredient to this cake of liberty so to speak, it is also what makes it work or bakes it into a cake, for all to enjoy.

Today, as it was when this part of the world was first colonized, it was then and it is now, made up of people who have come here from different countries, cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and even different races. WE are fifty United States, not fifty separate states with each one for a separate race, color or belief and so forth. What makes this country truly great is nothing short of our willingness to make of one nation out of many and that all work together for the same end and that is for LIBERTY! If we are not at liberty, then our freedoms mean nothing to most of us, only to the privileged or those able to pay for them.

So if this country and this liberty are dependent upon “WE the People,” being united, what can divide us?

While the very words of the Declaration of Independence were being penned and even before the ink dried on our original constitution, forces were at work to divide and conquer. Segregate and separate the ‘haves from the have-nots,’ into the ‘me’s, myself’s, and I’s;  you, they and them and there is no more a WE, but separated peoples of singular interests, divided. But still, no matter what, this liberty was penned over 200 years ago – end of story.

Civil rights were not settled in this country by Dr. Martin Luther King and yes, even President Lyndon Baines Johnson. They were not settled when President Abraham Lincoln signed the ‘Emancipation Proclamation.’ Regardless of whether this person or that person considered this person or that person a person or property, at any time in world history, does not negate the truth. The race issue was settled and put into writing in, the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the Constitution of the United States of America in 1788 and the ‘Bill of Rights’ in 1791. The race is over and WE won!

Today we have iPods and iPhones and all kinds of things marketed to the individual – me, myself and I. We have multiple languages, multiple faiths or non-faiths, celebrations of world holidays, black history month, this and that and all of this, under the divisive disguise of not wanting to offend anyone or leave anyone out. This is political correctness and it is promoted by politics. Politics by the very nature of a two-party system, purported to give us a choice, only divides us. This is all unnecessary, as liberty and justice for all, was already decided and penned over 200 years ago.

WE the People,” are on a slippery slope and have been since 1861 and specifically since 1873, when the United States of America became, The United States, Inc. Yes, a legal corporation, set up in the District of Columbia. This is unconstitutional law, passed by an illegitimate congress. It’s like living inside the movie called the ‘Matrix’. It just looks like WE live in the United States of America and all the state names remain (basically) unchanged.  But WE are not living in the country written of in our founding documents. Physically we are, but not politically. What does the geography matter if there is not liberty?

Look to the one place in the entire world where people seek to come to more than any other place. Despite the opportunity to prosper here or to destroy, why people come here? What was so often the very first thing many of our forefathers first saw when they got of the boat in New York harbor? Did they see the statue of freedom? No, it was and remains the desire of all for LIBERTY! Freedom means nothing without liberty.

If what I have written here is true, then my challenge to everyone is to find out. Prove it to yourself or refute this. I would love to stand corrected if I am wrong. But if I am right, it is not a matter of getting a new party into the government or electing all new people. It’s not about starting a new party. It’s not about court challenges or a military takeover. And it is certainly not about you or me. It’s all about “WE the People,” -legally throwing out this corrupt corporation and demanding that Our money and Our power to be returned to us, and Our rights and Our liberty upheld by our founding documents, WHICH WERE WRITTEN for that purpose!

This restoration could be accomplished in 1 to 2 years on a state level. It must be done by property owners by affidavit, demanding that their new governor be legally ‘seated’ as, the governor (regardless of political party) of –

‘The Common Wealth State of…

(name of your state)

Those exact words are important and must be used!

The legally seated governors, can each legally seat their two U.S. Senators (regardless of political party). A majority of the U.S. Senators can legally seat the president of the United States (regardless of political party). At that exact moment, the U.S., Inc. becomes null and void and must vacate the government, pay us back all the money due us (plus interest) and our system of government returns to pre 1861. I’ll not get into all the ramifications of this at this time, but think about what we had and did not have before 1861, good and bad.

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Just I-Magine,


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