Posted by: Dahni | March 20, 2010

Helping Others

© 3/20/2010

by Dahni

Most of us love others. Many of us love to love others, give to others and help others. The United States in particular, we are among the most charitable (in dollars, resources and time) people on planet earth.

Many Christians, many non-Christians and many non-religious people are familiar with and have used the following concept in writing and speaking:

“Love your neighbor”

Sometime this is followed by the rest of the verse from which it comes.

“…Love your neighbor as yourself.”

From the Bible: Book of Matthew 19:19b

Those quoting part of this verse, seldom see the words “as yourself,” or understand the logic. The love extended to our neighbors hinges upon the love we have for ourselves.

There are other ways, to communicate this truth.

We cannot teach more than we know.

We cannot lead others any further than we have been led.

We cannot communicate or articulate in words (written or spoken), what is we do not understand.

We can not give away something we do not have (unless it is borrowed and we pay interest on what we give away.) Can you imagine applying for a Love Loan at your local bank  🙂

This is the reason why this stuff has to be FREE – freely given and freely received. No one can afford it otherwise and especially not the compounded interest.

If we want to communicate the measles, we must first have some good cases of the measles ourselves.  🙂

And as far as helping others…

If you are interested in a full size print of this image let me know

(I am currently using this as my desktop display)

Just I-Magine,

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