Posted by: Dahni | March 28, 2010

Susan – bouquet de fleurs

Susan Hayden, bouquet de fleurs

(bouquet of flowers)

You may not know this and my wife Susan may never say a word, but I thought everyone should know about this. Susan is retiring this year as a music teacher, after 30 years.

Since the early 80’s, Rochester, NY has held an annual All-City Concert to showcase the talents of instrumental and vocal musicians.

On Saturday March 27, this event was held at East High School. Over 300 musicians participated in a packed audience; standing room only and people were in the outside hall, waiting to get in or to hear.

Over 1,000 people attended (maybe 1,000’s) and they gave the entire event, a standing ovation.

The City School Director of the Arts, called out Susan, mentioned her retirement, presented her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers (French – bouquet de fleurs) and thanked her for thirty years of faithful and exceptional service to the education of our youth, to which the audience whole-heartedly applauded.

If you think the numbers recognizing her contributions was large or small, it cannot compare to the impact she has made on the lives of so many. In 30 years, Susan has easily taught over 10,000 students of many ages and probably much more. Susan took her love for music and placed a little bit of herself and her love into the lives of so many.

Susan truly did “like” and has tried in 30+ years, like a line from a song,

“…to teach the world to sing.”

I am; WE the People that love you, are so proud of you Susan!

And WE thank you for enriching and touching and loving our lives! WE are the music and the flowers in the bouquet of your life!

Susan taught for 30+ years for –

“She loved the teacher’s task, in eyes that opened and minds that asked!”

Just I-Magine,


  1. Sue,
    You have always made a positive impact on everyone around you. Congratulations on your retirement! I hope you spend some of it with me 🙂

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