Posted by: Dahni | March 30, 2010

The All American Mutt

by Dahni

© 3/30/2010

WE need not be so divided. WE are not a nation of black, white, red, brown, olive and all the colors of the rainbow. WE are not a nation of him or her, us and them. WE are not the red states and blue states. WE are not the two-party system of the elephant or the donkey, the dumb ass or the jackass.

No, WE are mutts.

WE may not be too smart, but neither are WE just plain dumb. OUR nose might be too big for OUR face and it might even be crooked. OUR ears might be two different colors, just like OUR eyes. Nothing may match. WE are a little bit of this and a little bit of that. WE may not be too pretty, but WE aint’ ugly either. WE are not perfect and it may sometimes seem like WE are more trouble than WE are worth. WE may not be any big deal, but WE are a faithful friend.

WE are just the all American lovable mutt.

It just works and that’s what makes US great!

Just I-Magine,

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