Posted by: Dahni | July 1, 2010

Good Evening America

Good Evening America,

WE the People are just a few days away from celebrating OUR Independence. I want to send out these greetings that everyone has a great fourth of July!

I am actually writing this and sending it to my blog by way of email, which is either a brand neither feature at Word Press or it’s new to me. So this is my test-run.

If you did not already know, I have written a book. Actually it is one of three in progress. But one is finished. I am just waiting on the editors (I have 5) and some formatting issues soon to be resolved. Yes, you read it correctly, I have five editors. One is the mayor of my city in Rochester, NY, one is a senator from my state of New York, and another is a county Supreme Court judge for the county of Monroe where I live. I guess you could say I have the branches of government spectrum covered. Their contributions from an executive, a legislator and from a judicial point of view are important as the book spans government, politics, history and fiction, ‘legal fiction’ to be precise.

My other final 2 editors are a dear friend and my wife. Janet, actually has the only original draft copy in print. Bless her heart it was sized for easier editing and is double-spaced, large type and even though printed on both sides of the paper, it is still way over a ream of paper. (250 sheets = a ream). My wife Susan is the final editor. Believe it or not she emails me revisions chapter by chapter. Sometimes I watch her send them to me. 🙂 Yes, we are OK. Yes we are still speaking to each other and yes, we are in the same home and often, even the same room.

Between Janet and Susan, they are the spelling, grammar and does that make sense, does it read well editors.

Originally, I wanted to release this book appropriately, on the fourth of July. But this is not going to happen. Right now it looks like August or early September. It definitely needs to be released and read by everyone in OUR country before the November elections. No I’m not bragging, it’s just that important!

The name of the book is PURPLE HAZE “An UN-alien’s guide to finding OUR Republic” Book 1: Concealed & Revealed.

Book 1? Yes there will be a second book and in fact a third book is in progress concurrently, but it is a book of fiction based on:

PURPLE HAZE “An UN-alien’s guide to finding OUR Republic”

Book 1: Concealed & Revealed. COMING SOON

PURPLE HAZE “An UN-alien’s guide to finding OUR Republic”

Book 2: Detect & Correct. FUTURE

The book of fiction is called” An American Eagle “When Imagination becomes real”

You can read excerpts at:

‘An American Eagle’ is a work of fiction and it is based on PURPLE HAZE which is based on fact. It just seems to often read like fiction, but it’s not.

You can see more details about PURPLE HAZE at:

Please check it out. I just today, recently updated this. Yes, I did all the work and in fact, I am doing most of the work in publishing and bringing this to print. Now I’m not blowing my horn about this, these are just the facts. The facts are, this is my first non-fiction book and I’m sure you realize how difficult it is for new authors and unknown authors to initially get published. Since I am not Bill Clinton that recently received the highest advance ever in the publishing industry, for 12 million dollars, I have to use other methods besides my name, credentials or financial resources. I could use your help and there will be more about this in a later post and/or web updates.

But let me say that just because my resources are limited and my name is virtually unknown, if you knew me, you know I will not release anything to the public that is less than the best and that includes quality of materials, professionalism, but most importantly – the CONTENT!

If you have ever wondered or thought something is not quite right in OUR country, The United States of America, PURPLE HAZE is a must read for several reasons:

1. It answers these questions and much more

2. You will see some amazing stuff WE were never taught in school about this country
3. It reads like fiction so you just might enjoy reading it
4. It has the solution to restoring OUR Republic and do you know what that means? It means:

“Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!”

So again, please check out:


click above

Well, that’s a wrap. This has been my first email-to blog post. Until next time, Happy Fourth of July!

Just I-Magine,


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