Posted by: Dahni | February 5, 2011

I Quit

By Dahni © 2011

Perhaps you have heard or read something familiar like –

“Winners never quit and quitters never win”

That is simply NOT an accurate statement. Do you think winners were born to win and quitters were born to lose? Nothing could be more further from the truth! So what is the truth? Both winners and quitters share one thing in common – habits. It is our habits that will determine whether we win or lose. There is no such thing as perfection among us fragile and less than perfect human beings, but perfection is something we should all strive for anyway.

If we are fragile and less than perfect, then by sheer logic we must get stronger and overall better. To simply do this, we must first become quitters in order to become winners. What?

Look, if there is something that we want or need, we don’t have it. Otherwise we wouldn’t want or need it right? Think of making a cake. You go into your pantry or check your stores or your inventory to see if you have all the necessary ingredients to make the cake. If we do not have what is wanted or needed, we have to quit thinking about making a cake and go get what we want or need to make one.

So something and quite possibly someone(s), stands in our way of getting what we want or need.

We may have to quit in order that we can win.

If you are a baker and you go into your stores or pantry to check your inventory and the shelves are all lined with pasta, what do you do? Quit stocking pasta!

We cannot just break a bad habit. We must replace each one with a good habit that will get us what we want or need.

The earth and the heavens are pretty amazing, full of wonder, hope and possibility. But we live in a negative world. It is filled with can’t-s or cannot-s instead of can-s, more often shouldn’t-s and don’t-s, more so than should-s and do-s. These are all habits. In order to change for something we want or need, we have to guit the stuff that keeps from the stuff we want and need.

Let’s go back to the bakery again to continue the analogy. Our inventory, stores, pantries and shelves can only hold so much. If we want to bake cake, we have to quit the pasta, get rid of it to make room for the cake stuff.

So make a list of your inventory. What do you or I have that –

  1. Is not what we want or need
  2. Keeps us from getting what we want or need

In order to win, we must quit. Make your own quit list. Here to follow is my partial list:

I Quit


  1. I quit being negative
  2. I quit hanging around negative people and that means friends, family or anyone that brings me down
  3. I quit accepting friends on my Facebook account that don’t or won’t respond
  4. Doing favors for anyone that won’t return a favor – why should I help anyone that won’t help themselves or me if I need help?
  5. I quit returning calls if they don’t or won’t return mine
  6. I quit sending e-mails to anyone that don’t or won’t respond
  7. I quit writing letters to anyone that don’t or won’t respond.
  8. I quit worrying about tomorrow
  9. I quit worrying about what anyone thinks of me. If I think good about myself, perhaps others will and if not – I quit them too
  10. I quit draining my brain on anything useless that does not get me what I want or need
  11. I quit giving my money to companies of products and services that have no integrity, honesty, care about me or will not help me if I need it
  12. I quit complaining about things I really cannot do anything about or change
  13. I quit wasting my time and the time of others
  14. I quit arguing
  15. I quit being sedimentary, inactive and out of shape and out of breath
  16. I quit smoking
  17. I quit sugar or at least all but about 15 grams per day
  18. I quit gaining weight or maintaining the one I don’t want (see #17)
  19. I quit getting stressed out
  20. I quit being unkind to anyone or anything
  21. I quit saying an unkind word to anyone or anything
  22. I quit thinking can’t, cannot, shouldn’t and wouldn’t
  23. I quit talking and writing so much
  24. I quit wondering why and even why not
  25. I quit feeling sorry for myself and for anyone else

Now this is just my partial list and it is all in process. Sure, it may seem like a lot of work and appear impossible. It may cause me some pain and anguish, some blood, sweat and tears. It may seem overwhelming sometimes, but I quit looking at the list and quit one thing at a time. In the final outcome with all this quitting, I will have a whole lot more room for all the stuff I do want and need. Trust me what I want and need is more important than what I am quitting, for what I am getting.

You too can build a winner!

For those that enjoy football, the 45th annual Super Bowl is just days away. It is interesting and appropriate here that the Green Bay Packers will be in this game. Two teams, but just one winner will take home the Vince Lombardi Cup. Vince Lombardi was the head coach of the Green Bay Packers which won the very first and 2nd Super Bowl games ever played.

When I was child, I was taught that it is not “whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.” Now that may sound nice and speak of good sportsmanship, but other than that it’s just like a football without air – lifeless and listless. What did Vince Lombardi have to say about winning?

“Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing.”

Vince Lombardi

But winners and losers are not born, they are made – one habit at a time.

One must break bad habits one by one and replace them with good habits one by one.

Returning to my list, when I have quit all these things there is much more room for all the things I want and need. If you replace those habits with new ones, they will become the exact opposite of all those I quit. And it all comes down to just one thing. It all can be understood by a single word. It’s no longer why or even why not. It’s not can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, no, not, not now, not ever, but –


Just Imagine,


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