Posted by: Dahni | February 6, 2011


By Dahni © 2011

For Aunt Audrey and all those that love her – d. February 5, 2011

Perhaps you have heard or read something like this:

“Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger?”

That is simply NOT true. If it does not kill you, it probably makes you weaker and unless you get stronger, the weakness will eventually kill you.

Life is not always easy. It’s just worth it.

There are things that enter the harbors of all of our lives that are difficult and hard sometimes. They are not sent on purpose by God to test, tempt, challenge, hurt, weaken, or defeat us. They are just what they are and they come when they come. Life is still worth living no matter what!

It is the grace and will to endure what enters our harbors that makes us stronger. Having a hug or hand of friendship and fellowship touch you, helps too. If you cannot be in the same harbor, be the ocean. Keep flowing and keep afloat!


Just Imagine,



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