Posted by: Dahni | February 14, 2011


By Dahni © 2011

Nothing regal
Nothing uncommon
No deeds of fiction’s plot, but


Nothing royal
Nor extraordinary
No permanent stain that time has blot, but


Not the legends
Not a child’s castle from common sandlot
Nor passed down through the ages, but


No knights or ladies in waiting
No royal pedigree
Not all the fame that wealth has got, but


Nothing heroic
Nor penned in the writs of bards
Not the fruits for fate to allot, but


Not the form of brain and brawn
Nor the passion unfurled
No, no such person as Lancelot, but


Just most of the living
And most of the crying –
The bleeding, paying, giving
And dying
Not the myth of Camelot, but


The order and balance
The meaning and purpose of all that we hold dear
Just the we, though time will and has forgot


We the Simple Lot


From the collection: ‘City of The Clouds’ © 2000-2011

by the same author


Just Imagine,


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