Posted by: Dahni | February 18, 2011


There is pretty much something, for nearly everything and almost everyone that begins with the lowercase letter ‘i.’

Some, not all, of the most popular and current iStuff are:  iPods, iPhones, iPads, iGo, iTouch, evn iMints and iGum and on and on.

Almost daily, a whole lot of iStuff gets added. So much of it comes so fast and furious that iLose track or iCan’t put a number to all of it. It is as if, iBlink and iMissed it! But this is iGold. Whose gold?

Inventors, designers, manufacturers and advertisers market products and services iGuess, to make them all appeal to the iNdividual.

From a business point of view, all the massive profits from all this iStuff could be considered iGold. But the letter ‘i’ reminds iMe of the childish arguement.

Question:  “Who’s gonna’ make me?”

Answer: “Me, myself and i!”

Besides the question and answer above not using proper spelling or English grammar, the lowercase use of the letter ‘i’ is incorrect as well. Now it might be OK for branding a product or service, for trademarks and a company logo, but it is really a degradation of the rules of language.

‘i,’  ‘i, ‘i, ‘i, ‘i, ‘i, ‘i, ‘i, ‘i, ‘i, ‘i, ‘i,’ & ‘i’ and so forth and so on, sure appears if not egotistical, at least egocentric. From iDea to each iPerson, the iMakers are banking on our iBuying this iStuff, because –


There is nothing wrong with wanting something in and of itself, but when what we want is not parallel to what we need, there is a problem. I may want something, but have no need. I may need something, but have no desire or want of it. How often is it that you and I have not known what we want and need until someone or something informs us that we want it,  need it and have to have it?   🙂

The other problem with so much iWant is the danger of you and I being defined by the iQuantity  and the iQuality of our iStuff. But this is NOT who we are.

The whole of us is the sum total of our individual parts. True iGold is in recognizing and utilizing these separate parts for the benefit of our whole selves – for what we want and need.

In mining gold, the gold is located, mined, sorted, separated, melted down and purified to the desired result – gold. We have separate parts in our bodies and even our brains. These also must be located, mined, sorted, separated, melted down (so to speak) and purified to the desired result – iGold (to acquire what we want and need).

This process most often begins with what iWant. But if I do not want something or if I do not need it, it is most likely that I will not have the will to get it.

Thus far we have looked at iWant and iNeed, but there must also enter in iWill to get what iWant and iNeed.

iWill can also be understood as iPersist and iCommit or iAm committed to acquiring what iWant and iNeed.

iWill is extremely important, for despite the obstacles which stand in our way to receiving what iWant and iNeed, iContinue, iPersist, iCommit myself to acquiring what iWant and iNeed, no matter what it takes or how long it takes. This is why what iWant and iNeed must be parallel to each other, otherwise the obstacles in my path may be more burdesome, problematic and even more painful than not receiving what iWant and iNeed.

Even before iWill gets set in motion, there is something else needed –


We must have an iPlan to map out our destination. Because the iGold (iWant & iNeed) that we are seeking is so important to us that when my iWill is weak or falters, it need be only temporary. Once we recover from the spills and falls, we can get back up, look at the iMap (iPlan) and keep going (iEndure, iPersist, iContinue – iWill) in the direction of our iWant and iNeed.

As we continue on this journey, we become stronger. We get better. This is the first part of iAm.

iAm is – iThink, iAsk, iLearn.

iAm becoming the person iChoose to be in route to, iWant and iNeed – my iGold. And yes, if necessary, iFake it until iMake it. This brings us full circle to the start of our journey towards iWant and iNeed. In order for me to become the second part of iAm – (iHave arrived), iMust be able to FIRST iMagine myself becoming the person that arrives at my chosen destination in acquiring what iWant and iNeed.

All of this iStuff cannot be found or purchased on the Internet or at some bricks and mortar store. We cannot get it it by snail mail, E-mail, a text message, newspapers, magazines, books, E-papers, E-zines or E-books. We cannot download or upload, send it and share it through our social media networks. We cannot get this by way of a cell phone. It will not come or it cannot be sent by a Hallmark card or E-card. No camera can capture it. No manner of technology can store, retrieve or send it. We cannot hand it over to others or grasp them ourselves. It can only be achieved by whatever can be first conceived and believed by iMe.

iMagine – iPlan – iWill – iAm becoming – iAm arrvived – iWant – iNeed –



Just iMagine,


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