Posted by: Dahni | April 25, 2011

What’s Your Sign?

Perhaps this will resonate with you more – What’s your truth or “What is  truth?” To many, this is a familiar question. Perhaps you have read this or heard it before? Maybe you have asked yourself this question or thought about it before?

Yesterday (however long ago that might have been), it all seemed so simple. Just one word adjectives and single actions were all that were necessary to define such things. The words and actions fit perfectly and images came to mind as examples. There once were heroes and heroines or just ordinary people doing a little extra that made them extra-ordinary. But were these only just for the times left in the past, lifted from some old dusty history book, pulled from the shelves of obscurity, just because you had some assignment to write while in school? Are these too simplistic, too child-like to make much of a difference today?

Besides, who thinks, acts, believes or can find examples like these today? Just like Bob Dylan wrote in the 60’s, “The times they are a-changin.” Was Dylan right? Did the times change or did we? Do we change and if so, into what?

Did we leave the concepts of black and white, right and wrong, plain and simple and the like, to evolve to the higher consciousness of grays and shadows, political correctness, and what is hidden and complicated?

What is your sign today? What is your present truth? Do the ends justify the means, whatever and whenever this might apply? Is it might that makes  right now? Do we simply crank up the volume to assert self and seek only to satisfy our individual selves? Is that which is important, only important as it relates to us as individuals? Do we advance ourselves by name-calling and just putting-down others?

Are we all either presently or becoming, a band of Robin Hoods that steal from those that earn and give to all those that do not? Must the state of our present enslavement to the state, continue to rise from less than half of the population working that must support themselves and all the rest? What will happen to us if there are no more Sheriffs of Nottingham left to steal or take from? Must it always be ‘their’ fault for all that ails us and never the individual choices and the responsibility for those choices?

Has the dark become the light? What once were considered lies, are they now become truths? What once were truths, have they become or are they now just lies? Is apathy just one of those choices?

Is this now our present and future truth —-

However you and I answer these questions and what we choose to do and if we do anything about them, I would just like to know two things. I would just like to know how one spins, “WE THE PEOPLE, ” unless it is into bankruptcy, destruction and so far gone that there is no memory that WE ever stood together as one people, shoulder, shoulder, and face to face, for the continued liberty of our republic and…

…what’s my sign?

Just I-Magine


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