Posted by: Dahni | June 20, 2011

Me and Mrs. Prednisone

By Dahni

© 2011 all rights reserved

Well, Me and Mrs. Prednisone is incorrect grammar, but it reminded me of a song. If you were alive in the 70’s, perhaps you remember the song ‘Me & Mrs. Jones’? If not, you can listen to it below while you read this. But ‘Me & Mrs. Jones’ was first recorded in 1972 and performed by Billy Paul. Michael Bublé has also recently recorded this and his rendition is what you hear below. But anyway, the song is about an extra martial affair between a man and his lover, Mrs. Jones. One of the lines from the song is, “…we got a thing going on.” So the title is apropos here as Me and Mrs. Prednisone had a “thing going on.”

I am married and not having an affair and Mrs. Prednisone is the synthetic steroid I had prescribed by my doctor and took a high dosage for around 30 days. And Mrs. Prednisone, you are wicked and wonderful!

Mrs. Prednisone – How she appears

Or as my grandfather referred to you, you’re a, “Little damn bastard.” But of course, for this post, favoring women over men, I make you feminine. And the gender opposite of “bastard,” is what?

But my Dear Prednisone, there were times I might have thought you were trying to either make a woman out of me or were bringing out my feminine side. For all that read this, allow me to invoke the wisdom of my grandfather again. He just had a way of explaining things so people could understand. In order for you understand what I’m talking about, “Let me splain’ (explain) it to you.”

Now before you read about the relationship between Me and Mrs. Prednisone, you need to know something about her.

Prednisone is a prescription medication used to treat a wide variety of conditions. It is part of a group of medications known as glucocorticoids, corticosteroids, or simply “steroids” for short. Prednisone is similar to glucocorticoids that occur naturally in the body. It may have other uses, but primarily, she is used because of her anti-inflammatory properties and also to suppress the immune system.

Prednisone works to mimic natural anti-inflammatory substances. It acts much like cortisol, which is a natural protective hormone already found in the body. The adrenal gland, located at the top of the kidneys, makes cortisol as a natural response to stress physical and/or mental stress. Even if mental stress, the body not knowing which, will respond in kind. Yep, mental stress can cause physical stress. You can trust me on that as we continue here.

When prednisone is taken for more than a few weeks, the body becomes accustomed to it and begins to make less of its natural steroids. If it is stopped too quickly, the body does not have time to adjust, and dangerous side effects can occur. Yep, I had to be “weaned,” from Prednisone just like a pup or a baby. A consensus among doctors and professionals is a ‘30-day’ rule.’  Thirty days? Well, Me & Mrs. Prednisone have been together for better than that at some dosage and well, that’s’ long enough to develop a long term relationship. She does seem addictive though does she not?

Understand that Prednisone works like a steroid. There are risks associated with steroid use, as well. Like what? Oh, like having to stay on it indefinitely perhaps because if taken off improperly, your body may no longer be able to function without it. Well if that is not bad enough, how about the risks of becoming diabetic? But most believe, however, the benefits far out weigh the risks, provided patients are very careful and forthcoming with their doctors about any preexisting condition they may have. If you have a medical illness, like diabetes for example, be sure to tell your health care provider before using Prednisone.

So now you know something about Prednisone usage, how she works, and the need to get away from her slowly if you have been hanging’ with her for more than 30 days. Now you need to know how Me & Mrs. Prednisone met and what she did to me.

I had been sick for well over 2 months with some nasty strain of bronchitis. All I pretty much did was eat, sleep and was for the most part, a vegetable. All the weight I had lost previously to this, came back and then some. I was weak from lack of activity. And I am an active person normally and one that does not require much sleep. I couldn’t even watch TV for long, check email or work on the computer for much longer than maybe five minutes. How can one sleep so much and still be so tired? I don’t know, but I was.

And then there was the almost incessant coughing. Eventually it was so often and so hard, stomach muscles I didn’t even know I had became sore.

I went through two regimens of antibiotics and both times, Mrs. Prednisone was prescribed to reduce the inflammation of my bronchial passages so that I could breathe. Mrs. Prednisone was just teasing at this point as the dosage was low. Finally I was off my meds for maybe a day or so. Then a tingling on the left side of my neck below my ear went all the way down my arm and to the index finger of my left hand. I went to my chiropractor and he did help, but he knew that if I was not going to respond quickly to his treatment that I needed to see my doctor. Then the headaches started, also on the left side and just at the point where my head meets my neck.

I went to my doctor and he ordered a chest X-ray just in case there was some mass in my lungs as the congestion was still bothering me. He also ordered an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), to see what might be going on with my nerves which may have been causing the headaches. His feeling and mine was that the coughing might have pinched a nerve or nerves. Well the insurance company initially denied the MRI. They wanted my symptoms to persist for 30 days until they might then authorize this expensive diagnostic tool. But I was leaving town in two days for almost a month and would have to take the X-ray and see about the MRI when I got back.

My wife and I were leaving for Florida with many stops along the way with friends. Our destination was St.George Island off of Eastpoint, FL on the gulf side, near the ‘Panhandle,’ in the heart of the so-called ‘Forgotten Coast.’ I was also, the official wedding photographer, paid to photograph a wedding for family where we were also, invited guests? Did I have just a little stress? Yup! What stress? Oh, like how am I to function with frequent headaches, move around to capture those candid shots when I had been moving like a slug for the past several months. Well, I got the OK from my doctor to go and well, we were going.

The night before we were to leave, we were packing. I drove just a few minutes from our home to the local Dunkin Donuts to pick up a couple of lattes for my wife and I. Before I got back home, my left eye was numb and could not blink. The left side of my upper and lower lips  was numb. No pain in my face,  just numbness. Now what? Since it was on the left side, I just assumed it was new symptoms for the nerve issues I had been experiencing from the bronchial coughing that may have pinched a nerve or some nerves. But these new symptoms turned out to be something entirely different.

I came home, talked to my wife about this and decided to sleep. Maybe by morning I would somehow be better. Nope! I called my friend who was on the first leg of our journey where we would be staying a few days. I wanted to inform her that we might not make it there as planned, due to my new symptoms. Then she said, “I think you have Bell’s palsy.” She had this herself in the past. When I mentioned this to my wife, she had thought the same thing the night before as did my mother-in-law, a registered nurse. Neither of them said a word to me, to not jinx us in not being able leave on our trip. I did a quick search online about Bell’s palsy and put a call into my doctor.

So what the heck is Bell’s palsy? It is believed to be a virus that affects (partial paralysis) normally, either the left or right side of the face. There are no known reports of it ever affecting both sides. It is not known where it comes from, but is not communicable (you can’t get it from someone else). I have read such possibilities of it coming from molds or neural toxins, (among other possibilities), but no one is sure. But I already had a weakened immune system so I was certainly susceptible. Even though I had barely left our home the past few months, somehow I developed these new symptoms.

Bell’s palsy is not painful. For 95% of those that get this, symptoms usually pass from 2 days or two months to three months generally. What about the other 5%? Some never totally recover from this entirely. Their face might appear to droop on one side. What about me? I didn’t know, as at this point, I was into my day 2. Now this added to the stress of uncertainty over my bronchitis, pinched nerves, frequent headaches, tiredness and now this, while in route to not just attend a wedding, but to photograph it!

We decided to travel in the direction of our journey. I had already placed a call into my doctor and left detailed information with his office about my headaches and these new symptoms. We had to stop by my mother-in-law’s and if the doctor called, we would have been closer at that point, if he wanted to see me. No call came so I figured it was not a big deal, just something I had to deal with and time would eventually take care of it. So we continued to drive.

After about two hours on the road, my doctor called on my cell phone. I was driving so my wife answered. The two of them talked for some time, over the details of my symptoms. Apparently they wanted to make sure I was not having or did not have a stroke or something. So my doctor prescribed guess what – yep, Me & Mrs. Prednisone. We had already been together for around 20 days, but real soon we would really have, “a thing going on.”  This time I was to have a high dosage of her for about 30 days. Well we were in route to Manassas, VA then, about 5 hours away. We called our friend and the closest pharmacy was a Wal*Mart just down the street from her. She gave us the phone number which we gave to my doctor and he would call this prescription in to be picked up the following day.

So there I was driving with ibuprofen an NSAID (non steroid anti-inflammatory drug) for my headaches, Zyrtec, an over-the-counter anti-allergy drug to try and clear up my remaining bronchitis, sunglasses on and a hat on my head. My left eye would not blink, I could not whistle and I started  to use a straw for beverages, so I would not drool. It also affected my speech.

I drove most of the way with little problems. I had to consciously make my left eye blink with my finger moving my eyelid. The nerves involved with Bell’s palsy move down just under the ear, to the face, eye, eyeball and lower side of the lips. I was sensitive to sound in my left ear and to light in my left eye. I had come prepared with several hats. A baseball cap seemed to work best. My wife thinks that unless you are a catcher on a baseball team, anyone else that puts such a cap on backwards (bill side to the back of your head), it reduces your IQ by about 15 points.   🙂

Do you gain or lose more IQ points if you wear the cap with the bill facing to the side of your head and against the driver’s side window? I don’t know, but this is how I wore my cap for awhile, to keep out as much sunlight as possible.

I drove for around five hours and I had no pain, but my left eye seemed very tired. We pulled over and I asked my wife to put some drops in my eye and maybe drive for a while. Now to some that read this, this is important. Those drops my doctor wanted me to use to keep the eye moist from lack of tears and lack of blinking. These drops had already been suggested by my optometrist recently. I could not drive at night and my eyes were dry. Just two simple things took care of the night blindness and dry eyes. I now use and highly recommend non-glare glasses for anyone that wear glasses and eye drops when you need them. I now can drive at night and my eyes are back to producing their own natural tears. So back to the story.

When my wife placed drops into my left eye, it was nearly blood-red. It was overworked from too much light and not enough blinking. I kept my eyes closed and tried to sleep for about an hour then finished driving until we arrived in Manassas, about 9:30 that evening.

As a side trip, we had a little bite of food and had been there after this for maybe 10 minutes when our friend’s phone rang. It was her boyfriend and he told us all to get into the bathroom as this was the night that some 140 tornados ripped through the south and east coast. We weren’t in there long when we got the  ‘all-clear’ call. But my friend that had Bell’s palsy in the past taped my eye closed so I could sleep better.

The following morning, I picked up my prescription and had a long talk with the pharmacist. I was bummed out and had heard that I would probably have to wear a hat (which I did anyway), sunglasses (which I did anyway), long sleeve shirts, long pants, and not be able to have the celebratory champagne toast while at the wedding AT THE BEACH! Whew, talk about more stress! The pharmacist assured me that with just some moderate precautions I could have a few drinks, just wear my hat and sunglasses and have some good SPF skin protection against ultraviolet light. Oh yay, I could wear short-sleeve shirts and shorts and have a drink or a few. But have you ever tried to take pictures with your dominant eye while wearing sunglasses and with some blurry eye due to Bell’s palsy? This was an interesting new set of stressors for me to consider getting stressed over.

We stayed in Manassas for about three days. But by evening of the second day, Me and Mrs. Prednisone “had a thing going on!” We were intensely together, three times a day (with meals) and at 60 mg per day for nearly 5 weeks. Within a short period of time, following the evening meal on this second day, I became aware of an intense pressure in my abdomen as if something were about to explode, but there was no pain. This was followed by a sudden rush, flush, and heavy perspiring. I even considered the remote possibility that aliens had come in the night while I was asleep and performed some kind of sex experiments on me. OK maybe not, but was Mrs. Prednisone trying to turn me into a woman? Or perhaps I have always been a woman and Mrs. Prednisone just brought it out of me? Why am I writing this?

Well, for women that know and understand and as my wife still experiences, I was having what she calls it, “My own personal summer.” Yes that’s right; I was having ‘hot flashes.’ Call it menopause or woman-o-pause if you want, but my internal heater, my metabolism went into hyper drive! This became my nightly experience for the next almost 5 weeks. It was not just once a night, but several times. It would wake me up from the little sleep I had or seemed to need. I could not get cool fast enough – air-conditioning on Frozen Tundra setting, fans, ice and even driving in the car at 50 mph+, at 50 degrees temperature outside, the windows open and my head stuck out of the driver’s side window were all tried, to almost no avail. But it passed when it passed.

By the third day I was experiencing some new stuff, cool stuff! I had little sleep and did not seem to need much. Sometimes I felt a little nervous and had some mood swings, but most of the time I felt like a teenager. My energy levels went through the roof. I seemed to become acutely aware of everything and everyone. I even became aware that I talk a lot or that I was talking even more. I became apologetic and tried to assure others that Mrs. Prednisone “made me do it.” 

I already have an acute sense of smell and taste, but then and for the next five weeks or so, both went into overdrive. At one point I wondered if even a box of rocks or a pile of dirt might taste good. Eat? Oh I ate and it seemed like all the time and like a pig. Everything tasted great and I was open to trying just about anything including many things of which I wonder would I have tried them if not for Mrs. Prednisone. Yep, my metabolic rate, adrenal glands and all kinds of bodily functions were accelerated it seemed, like some high performance race car, going from 0 – 500 mph in three seconds. I even lost weight.

Oh, did I mention I had no pain? Well for the next five weeks I had no headaches and in fact, I had no pain whatsoever at anytime, any place or anywhere. No back pain from driving and I drove almost all the time and a lot. There was no discomfort from sleeping in unfamiliar beds at various locations. My mental energy and physical energy all seemed to be increasing exponentially. My mental faculties all seemed to be enhanced (all delusional pretty much). But when we finally arrived at our destination in Florida, I thought I was ‘performance enhanced’. This continued all the way home and after we got home. But by the time we got to Florida, most of the symptoms of my Bell’s palsy had greatly dissipated. I was and am thankful for that.

I went from a 50 something year old slug with no energy to a freaking teenager or something. Looking back over the quantity of pictures I shot, the angles and locations, it was as if there were two others or at least one other photographer besides me taking them. But it was just me, someway and somehow doing all the shooting. And if you have ever walked in sand, you know how difficult it is to move in sand.  But I captured everything you could imagine being important at a wedding, for the memories and then some. Sadly though, most of these pictures sucked! Mrs. Pednisone magnifies what is there and what is not. I actually thought I was doing a great job and the quantity and quality of the pictures was awesome. Only the quantity was true, NOT the quality.

But finally at the insistence of the groom, I put my camera in the car and just became one of the guests at the reception. I was too busy taking pictures of the champagne toast to even raise a glass myself. I decided to do that. Did I tell you that I can’t stand champagne? I don’t! I can barely tolerate a glass of mimosa which is champagne with orange juice, but I can not stand just champagne. Asti Spumante or sparkling wine I like, but not champagne. OK I think you get my point, but it is the customary and the respectful thing to do at a wedding if champagne is offered, unless one has issues with alcohol.

By Florida, I was able to slowly drink beverages without the use of a straw. I was glad of this as I’m sure I was the topic of discussion around the several homes we stayed at, motels where we stayed and restaurants where we dined.  OK, I got over drinking coffee with a straw. And even though I got looks from those I asked for a straw to drink an occasional glass of wine from, I accepted that too. But drinking a beer with a straw was much more than I could endure. I was very glad indeed that my face returned to being able to drink without having to use a straw, by the time we reached Florida. I would be able to toast the newlyweds and without a straw.

So I went and picked up a glass of champagne, drank it and guess what? It tasted pretty good to me, so I had another and another and yet another. We ran out of this so I switched to another beverage within the grape family (I don’t generally do well with mixing up alcoholic beverages) and started drinking Pinot Grigio. Had several of those and finished up the night with Manhattans. Now I was neither falling down drunk nor do I ever drink like this or this much. But I was fine, feeling good, but fine.

As I have gotten older, I do not tolerate alcohol as I once did. First of all I have to be in the right frame of mind to drink or I won’t drink. I know from experience that if I drink without being in the right mood I will mentally, emotionally and physically suffer from it and may be grumpy to others. Next, I prefer red wine, but it no longer prefers me. The only exception is if I have a single glass of red wine with a meal. Otherwise, I stick to white wine. Even at that, it is usually 1 or two glasses and it makes me tired, I’ll soon fall asleep and generally wake up with a headache. I’ve heard that if you take some headache reliever after you are finished drinking it may help alleviate or eliminate any headaches, but I’m not too keen on the idea. I drink a beer or two on occasion and some other mixed drinks or what you may call hard drinks, but the same holds true for me with all of these as it does with wine. The only exception is scotch. I can drink several scotches and have never had a hangover in the past, pass out, fall asleep or a get a headache. One has to like the taste of scotch and I do. My only after-effect is that the pores of my skin seem to reek of an old oak barrel for a day or so after.   🙂

But anyway, at the wedding reception I drank quite a bit.

The next morning was our last day at the motel and check out time was the standard 11 am. As my manner was while there, I began each day and ended each day at the beach. I did not care if it was cold or dark or if I could see the ocean or not. If I could hear it and smell the salt spray, I was there in short sleeve shirts, sandals and shorts. Mrs. Prednisone had me up early anyway so I started my day, still dark out, but at the beach. I came back later to our room to lie down on the bed. I felt odd. Nothing hurt, but I just felt strange. My wife woke up and looked at me and asked if I was OK. I repeated to her what I just wrote, “I don’t feel bad, nothing hurts, but I just feel weird.” She noticed I was perspiring and placed a cool wet washcloth on my forehead.  I laid there for a few minutes thinking and pondering. Finally I reached the conclusion that what I was experiencing is called a hangover. But apparently Me and Mrs. Prednisone with our thing going on, and so much anti-inflammatory stuff coursing through me, I had no pain, no discomfort and not even an upset stomach.

WOW – Mrs. Prednisone has anti-hangover or alcohol suppression properties?

Now besides the intense and frequent night sweats, the after dinner abdominal pressure and the occasional nervousness, heck keep Me and Mrs. Prednisone and our thing going on, indefinitely!

I recounted all of this to my doctor when I got back home for a follow up visit after being weaned from Mrs. Prednisone and he laughed so hard I thought he was going to fall off his seat. Maybe it is just me with my personality, my metabolism and body chemistry and all of this made me more susceptible to each and every side-effect or benefit if you will, much more intensely than many or most people. According to my doctor, not everyone experiences each effect of Mrs. Prednisone like I did. I had them all and they were all intense.

So forget the idea of using her to ward off hangovers and drink all you want. Forget about using her to sleep less and get more done. Forget about using her to enhance your mental capacities or imaginative processes. Forget about using her to increase your appetite and eat all you want and still lose weight. Why forget her, because if she is allowed to linger, you could become as if addicted to her and your body may no longer be able to do naturally, what it does without her. And you could become a diabetic. How about blind? The list could go on.

Oh crap, I don’t want any of those things! Now I wonder what the after-effects of getting off of, away from and being weaned from Mrs. Prednisone would be. Oh boy, the not fun was about to begin.

My follow up visit with my doctor was right after I was off Mrs. Prednisone. For three days I took 2 pills less. For the next three days it was four less. On the 7th day I was not able to rest like God after creation,  as for me, all hell broke loose.

Since I was usually up early anyway, I would eat something from anywhere from between 6 and 8 o’clock in the morning, followed by my pills – Mrs. Prednisone and Zyrtec. By10 am of my first day without Mrs. Prednisone, she was still enough in me to remind me that she needed a fix. I experienced what was like her slapping me in the face, as I had for the first time, the morning sweats. This particular day was Monday, this past Memorial Day. We were having people over for a barbeque and while I was grilling, my left hand starting cramping. It was not painful just uncomfortable. As we were all sitting down to eat, my left hand starting cramping up again only this time it was so painful, I thought I was going to hit the sky, jumping out of my seat. Everyone was engaged in conversation and no one seem to notice my facial contortions, my grimacing from excruciating pain or me holding my left hand with my right hand, trying desperately to massage away the pain.

It seemed every day for quite some time, I was experiencing some new after-effect from Mrs. Prednisone withdrawal. The next day after Memorial Day, my left hand seemed to involuntarily cramp up. Fingers drew up uncontrollably as if they had lost their nerves. Then the right hand did this and then my wife actually saw them both draw up at the same time. This was disconcerting in the least and somewhat scary. I did not know how long this would last or if it would end. My wife suggested I take some mineral supplements as it seemed to work for her almost instantly, when she had leg cramps. I tried this and it did seem to work or it was just another after-effect of Mrs. Prednisone, finally losing her grip on me. Either way, the cramping never came back.

Next, I could feel my left eyeball was under pressure. It too had been affected by the Bell’s palsy, but I never felt this while under the massive dosages of Mrs. Prednisone. Headaches returned that some describe as cluster headaches or migraines. And remember the nightly pressure in my abdomen, when I felt like something was going to explode? Well after Mrs. Prednisone, I could feel the pain. My stomach was upset, I had severe indigestion. So then I was taking ibuprofen for the headaches, Tums or Rolaids and Zantac as acid reducers.

Then came my follow-up visit with my doctor, when he laughed about my adventures with Mrs. Prednisone, her side-effects or benefits. He smiled knowingly and with compassion about my after-effects with her. Just like the intensity of the side-effects, I was experiencing all the generally known after-effects and just as intensely. Remember the intense abdominal pressure I was feeling after my nightly dose of Mrs. Prednisone? Remember I wrote it was as if something inside was going to explode? Well, during my follow up visit with my doctor, I found out this condition has a name. It is called gastritis, which is an inflammation of the stomach lining. It can become severe enough to develop a peptic ulcer. The high dosage of prednisone prevented me from feeling any pain, just the pressure. So my doctor suggested I stop taking the Zyrtec (for allergies and any remaining bronchial problems I had) and ibuprofen. Both of these drugs worsened my upper digestive condition. He recommended Tylenol (Acetaminophen) for my headaches. The pressure in my left eyeball is added fluid. I may need to see my ophthalmologist if this does not go away, as high dosages and prolonged use of Mrs. Prednisone can cause cataracts and glaucoma. The symptoms left from the Bell’s palsy would continue to get better or perhaps I was just about as good as I was going to get. Not a very encouraging prognosis I know and even though I continue to get better, it is what it is or it will be what it will be. One just must prepare for the worst, but expect the best.

I left the doctor’s office and went home. It seems that the older one gets, the more full medicine cabinets get and the locations for overflow in your home. I went through our stores looking for Tylenol (Acetaminophen), but found none. I was having a bad headache so I went to our local grocery store to find some. I looked at every shelf and finally sat down on the floor to read every label of every product on the lower shelves. I’m sure I was a sight to behold to others passing by. There was this guy with white hair (that makes me look older than I am), sitting on the floor. Perhaps I appeared too weird for anyone to say a word or to check if I had fallen and couldn’t get back up.  But I could only find children’s Tylenol and I did not want to take a massive adult size dose of that and I was not particularly fond of their flavor choice. Just before I left the store, I went over and picked up a box of Excedrin. Guess what the key ingredient is – Acetaminophen, the same in Tylenol. We had Excedrin at home, but by this point, I needed relief IMMEDIATELY! Before I got to the checkout counter, I had already opened the box, unscrewed the cap, broken the seal and had two tabs (the recommended dosage) in my hand. I paid for this and ran to the first drinking fountain I could find.

This particular type of Excedrin, just like at home was advertised as “extra strength,” and the extra strength contained caffeine. Well, this irritated my gastritis and I called the doctor that told me to find regular Tylenol or Acetaminophen. I did.

In the end and at the end of this story, Me and Mrs. Prednisone “had a thing going on.” In the beginning she seemed alluring, sensual and an enticing seductress with her many promises and side benefits. For weeks I was like a kid on some paradise island. Coming down from and getting Mrs. Prednisone out of my system was like coming in for a landing at another island, Old Geezer Island. Instead of meeting the friendly Mr. Roark of Fantasy Island, I saw the evil and glaring eyes of Mrs. Prednisone, like a lover scorned. And instead of Tattoo saying to his boss, “the plane, the plane…,” it was more like, the pain, the pain.

We just recently returned from Maine for a family reunion. The day before we left, my Chiropractor was able to see me at the last minute. I was still having severe headaches, despite my daily Tylenol use. Initially, he suggested acupuncture and at that point, I was open to try almost anything to get relief. On examination, he found me to be severely out of alignment and harmony, apparently the affects of being a 50+ man that had been living like a teenager for weeks. I must have ‘thrown out’ everything, but Mrs. Prednisone prevented me from feeling any pain in my spinal areas, just headaches. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong! But my chiropractor ‘worked on me’ for some time and his efforts did temporarily alleviate the pain for a day or two. But I had to again, resort to taking Tylenol. The duration of the after-effects of getting away from Mrs. Prednisone I am sure, are different for each individual.  Now after almost 20 days since withdrawing from Mrs. Prednisone, I am happy to report that I have had four days in a row without headaches. The pressure in my left eye is lessening.

The bronchitis and pinched nerves are all but gone. My condition from the Bell’s palsy, continues to improve. I presently neither need to take nor do I take any drugs or medications at all.

Mrs. Prednisone can and may save lives, but I personally believe when it’s your time, it’s your time and nothing can stop that. She can and may have wonderful and beneficial side-effects. But she also has a deceptive, nasty and evil side too, she can be wicked!

Mrs. Prednisone – How she really looks

So seek alternatives and professional help for what ails you. Seek across many disciplines and those that are willing to work together for your health and wellness. Prepare for the worst, but expect the best. Get healed, as just as sickness is death in part or full, healing is life in part or in full. Believe God, Live, laugh – Love!

Just I-magine,



  1. They shoot horses, be glad you are on the road to recovery, take it slow old man….:-)

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