Posted by: Dahni | June 24, 2011

I Love Microsoft®

By Dahni

© 2011 all rights reserved

I used to really like Windows® XP. Then Microsoft® came out with Vista and now Windows® 7 or is 8 or 9? I think only Apple® comes out with something new faster or as soon as you buy the old new one. Most of my favorite programs would not work with Windows® 7 without either updating them at a needless cost or replacing them at a needless cost.

Apparently, enough people complained and Microsoft® came out with their professional version which allows you to either open up the Windows® 7 operating system at the boot up or a virtual Windows® XP. You can’t run both at the same time and must choose one or the other at start up. Did I mention the upgrade to Windows® 7 Professional is around $200?

I love their proprietary stuff (stuff that may work or may not work with your stuff that is not their stuff). I love their frequent updates that don’t remove their old stuff, just add to your computer’s hard drive or actually, reduces the size of the usable space on your hard drive. I love their crashes. I love their .DAT files (files that duplicate even when you delete temporary Internet files and clean out your recycle bin etc. I love how easy it seems to hack into, make viruses for and implant them into their systems. I love their pricing!

But I really do love Microsoft®. Their windows operating system comes pre-loaded with their internet browser, Internet Explorer®.

I love Internet Internet Explorer®! For this my reasons are twofold:

  1. Internet Explorer® allows me to download FREE open-source software and even FREE virus free, mostly bug and crash free, open-source linux based stuff that just works without the ‘extra’ clutter I don’t need or even a FREE operating system like Unbuntu –
  2. Internet Explorer® allows me to download other internet browsers –
I.E. with Voodoo pins shown. It seems like everything effects their stuff and messes with our stuff

I love Microsoft® because they make Internet Explorer®!   🙂

Just I-imagine,


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