Posted by: Dahni | June 26, 2011

Cure for Government Waste

By Dahni

© 2011 all rights reserved

I think most people are aware of government waste. They seem to waste time, money and resources that don’t even belong to them; this stuff belongs to us, us as in those taxpayers that are actually paying for it all to be wasted. We are angry, upset and don’t quite have a clue as to what if anything we can do about it. There is this stimulus, that pork-u-lus, this program and that program.

Most of us have no problem in helping others in need, but have a real problem with our money going to those that are perfectly able to work, but do not. Don’t blame them entirely. Would you rather have what you can earn on your own or what the government offers which is actually more than you could earn on your own? Then of course you (the government) have to administer all the programs, the stimulus and all the FREEBIES given away at the taxpayer’s expense and that is wasted time, money and resources too.

Then there is all the money, time and resources given away at taxpayer’s expense to businesses and banks that fail, have no clue or if ever, will not for perhaps years hence turn some idea into something practical. Then there are all the ‘studies’ that waste time, money and resources for years then give us some conclusion. Yep this piece of material we have examined and put all of our resources (yours) on and our best people, after 750 years, we have reached a consensus among all our scientists. Yep, it’s wood from a tree!

Our most probable favorite waste program, in a long list of waste recipients, are all the countries that hate our guts, don’t respect us, want to harm us or want to tell us how much, how often and actually what and where we should give. Then there is the United Nations that take from us and want to try and tell us how we should live as a nation.

Government by its very nature produces nothing. It is not supposed to make a profit. It is supposed to be a servant of the people. When it’s not, the only alternative is that it wastes our time, money and precious resources. That’s like the picture above shows. It is like the government just prints the money and then throws it all into the trash can. Government’s nature is to waste our time, money and resources. So this being the case, I have another idea for what they (the government) can do with all the money they waste anyway. Wait for it…

Just print the money and put it on rolls and send it all to us. We can either use it as the picture above  shows (which is a far better use than what the government is doing with it) or…

…something else.

The point being, it started with us and might as well return to us to waste or to spend what is ours, as we deem appropriate.

Just I-imagine,


P.S. Wash, sanitize steam or all these, this, your money before use. It is filthy, disease ridden and you just may never know where it has been or with whom.   🙂


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