Posted by: Dahni | July 2, 2011

To Forward or Not to Forward

To forward or not to forward, is the most relevant question of today. Perspiring minds really want to know. I am here referring to email. Should you or I or anyone, ever forward an email that we received, on to others?

The following image was un-inspired from the attempt to be be funny by a paid cartoonist that has too much time on his hands. I just tried to simplify the whole question and I am unpaid and have too much time on my hands. 🙂

Here is his:

But here is mine…

I spose’ if it was really useful, beneficial, funny or kool’ I could jus’ cut out all the email addresses, cut out the text and/or images and paste it to a new email, then personally address it to each person (one at a time) to whom I would like to send it with a greeting something like DEAR (your name), ???

But that would take too long, I’m too busy and that is too much like work and would require thought and that might hurt my brain. Besides, I love to send mail or cards (you know, the snail mail) with a note at the bottom that reads:

“Please buy enough stamps and mail this to the following people on the list below. Don’t forget to cross out your name!”

And I love to forward email by hitting ‘send to all my contacts’ and asking others to do the same.

Don’t throw away, shred or delete your cards and letters. Save the planet! Recycle! Buy white-out correction fluid, pens or tape and send your cards and letters on to others! Don’t delete your in mail email box, forward it all to all your contacts EVERY DAY! The most beloved gifts are always impersonal, second-hand, hand-me-downs, the uninvited, the un-asked for and that bug everyone you know with someone else’s stuff!   🙂

P.S. Please forward this link to everyone you want to bother.

Just I-imagine,


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