Posted by: Dahni | July 3, 2011

The American Family In Danger of Becoming Extinct

By Dahni

© 2011 all rights reserved

What once united us now divides us over many issues as family, language, population, politics, religion and culture. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct! Just a day before we are to celebrate our Independence, this nation has fundamentally changed from what our fore-parents stood for. But what once united us has not changed and it still can. Otherwise, The American family is in danger of becoming extinct.

Before we get started, perhaps I should clarify my meaning of “America,” as the Americas covers a great amount of geography. North America does not even define the phrase, ‘The American Family.’ I am referring to families, most particularly those present now, within the United States of America. This includes Alaska, Hawaii and all territories of the United States. This is the American Family or families that are in danger of becoming extinct.

Do you remember the Latin words, E pluribus unum? These are words that appear on the seal of the United States of America and are translated into the English words, ‘Out of Many One.’ We the people of the United States have often been referred to as the lovable mutt and as you probably know, a mutt is a little of this and a little of that. The American Family is made of many people from many different places and many different cultures. But if we are made up of “many” and thus becoming “One,” it follows then that we are or should be a new nation, a new people, and a new family with a new culture.

Often instead of celebrating our similarities, we celebrate our individualism. That’s OK because, individuals make up every family. But a family is supposed to be a unit or have common bonds besides just DNA. The American Family is a culture within a culture or it is supposed to be. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct.

The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct for several reasons.

  1. No clear cut definition of what constitutes a family.
  2. No common language for safety, civility and common courtesy
  3. No continuation of a common work force or economic culture
  4. No common acceptance of personal responsibility
  5. No unity of purpose politically
  6. No standards for morality and civil issues
  7. No continuation of a bare minimum population, necessary to sustain a culture
  8. No common standard culture

1. A family by common sense and in times past, used to mean One Father, One Mother and at least One Child, all living under the same roof.  But this has changed in practice. In spite of emergency situations or uncommon circumstances, many have accepted the idea that a family is whatever you want to define it and based solely upon the individual perspective. If it cannot be clearly defined by all, it cannot be practiced by all. But in the end, families are divided, move away from each other and the entire bedrock of society, the family, is in danger of becoming extinct.

2. Besides Canada that has two languages – English and French, name another country in the world that does not have a common language. Many of these countries speak more than one language, but they have one language in common. Not here, for we have to be politically correct and print or make available every conceivable language to accommodate all the people that come here.

It is also common now for families to be made up from parents from different cultures and different languages. Then children are born and they don’t yet have a language, but they learn. Sometimes there are different languages spoken by each of their parents or caretakers and maybe even other relatives. What if there were some emergency, when there is little time to get to safety? Can you imagine trying to make sure you speak the right language so the kids can understand and get to safety? For safety reasons alone, we should have a common language.

By its very nature, languages separate people if all do not understand. Speaking or writing a different language than what the reader or hearer can understand, is rude or a discourteous thing to do. A society that is supposedly built on civility which cannot or will not speak in the same language is uncivil, as plain common courtesy is absent. I can and I ‘m sure you can think of several reasons why a nation should have a common language. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct.

3. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct.  Most of the stuff that is made for us is not made of us. It may be made here by us, but through companies from someplace else. Most of our stuff is cheap and made someplace else, but is still often more expensive than the stuff made here by companies and countries from someplace else. We have lost much of our manufacturing; the ability to sustain our culture in providing economic growth and growing silent is, the need or desire to innovate. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct.

4. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct. When a society no longer demands personal responsibility, but rather places blames on others or other things and expects success to be provided for them from the ‘womb to the tomb,’  it is doomed to abject failure. There is no incentive for individual excellence and limited resources will sooner or later, run out.

5. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct. Even what is perceived as choice divides us. We separate according to our political persuasions and instead of agreeing to disagree and moving forward with what we can agree on, we adamantly defend, separate and divide from one another.

6. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct. When there are no standards for morality and when freedom of speech is interpreted as also the freedom to act according to one’s own opinions, the society by nature is divided into what is right and wrong. When black and white becomes nothing more than grays, we have lost any sense of right and wrong.

7. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct. It is a known fact that a nation, if it does not produce a minimum of 2.3 children (don’t ask me about a .3 child as I don’t know) per couple, cannot continue as a culture much longer than around 25 years. Remember the baby-boomers? We are approaching retirement age, dying age or soon will be fading out age because; we did not have as many kids as our parents did, maybe 1.7 per couple or something. And don’t ask me about the .7 kids.

In the United States, the Latino population (legal or illegal) produce around 2.5 children per couple. And don’t ask me about a .5 child either. On average, Muslim couples bear around 8 children. With these current rates, in 25 years, the United States will either be mostly Latino and speak Spanish or Muslim and speak Arabic. Most Latinos are Roman Catholic and most Muslims are Islamic. Roman Catholicism, for many years, has been the largest religion in the world. Islam has or will shortly eclipse this religion and become the largest religion in not just the United States, but the entire world. Sorry about getting into religion here, especially for those whose principle religion is the Non- Religion, but these two world religions are religious and if allowed to dominate, The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct.

If things do not change, in twenty five years, what language will we have to speak and what religion will we have to practice? Why “have to…,” because there is no toleration in religion!!!! If we believe otherwise, we do not understand the history of Roman Catholicism or Islam, – past, present or their future intentions. And this does not let the Jews off the hook, nor other religions. Even those that do not believe in God or religion, by sheer logic, make a non-god their god and their non-religion their religion. Can’t we all just get along? Hell no! We can unite or remain divided. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct.

The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct. If you and I cannot or will not see this, we are part of the problem. If we are so politically correct, so open-minded, so tolerant and so liberal, we are ushering in the extinction of the American Family. Thinking that it cannot happen here is to be ignorant of the fact that it already has in the past. Thinking that we will be somehow spared is like handing a chicken to a fox, pointing out the location of the henhouse and believing the nature of the fox will change. Just remember that before the fox eats you, then the chicken and then raids the henhouse. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct.

8. The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct. Most of us don’t like phrases such as, ‘The Bush Compound,’ ‘The Kennedy Compound,’ and ‘Royal Privilege.’ Most of us despise words such as dynasty, favoritism and nepotism. Most of us don’t like these phrases and words as they imply dishonest super-wealth and are usually associated in our minds with bad behavior, to put it mildly. But we can learn a lot from a phrase that kind of sums it all up, ‘Generational Wealth.’ Generational wealth is more than money. It represents all the resources and influence of a family. It is the ‘culture’ of family that is passed down from generation to generation. Where is our culture of unity? The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct.

The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct, unless – WE the American Family remember the unalienable rights endowed (given) by our creator,

“that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Excerpt from the Declaration of IndependenceJuly 2-4th, 1776

But The American Family is in danger of becoming extinct, unless WE fight for these unalienable rights and protect them and preserve them, for ourselves, our children and all future generations. How can WE do this? What divides us by its very nature is unified against us. What divides us by its very nature will dominate, conquer and destroy our culture. How then should we respond?

From his presidential inaugural address January 20th, 1961, John Fitzgerald Kennedy said in part –

“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend or oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”


Just I-imagine,


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