Posted by: Dahni | July 4, 2011

Buy American

Today is the Fourth of July when We (some of we) Americans (some Americans) celebrate Our (some of our) independence. I thought this would be a good time to promote reading, getting and/or sharing a copy of The Declaration of Independence and to –

Buy American!

Buy American? Which one – North American (Canada or the United States), Central American or South American? Oh, come on, you know, American! Where? Did you buy something Made in America? Where did you get it? Where can I get it, because I want to…

  1. help our economy
  2. support people that need jobs here
  3. promote our culture and way of life
  4. support American business and innovation
  5. help provide a future for our kids or posterity
  6. so I can wear a cool pin that reads: Buy American!”

 just to name a few.

Years ago, I was in a movie theater after-hours and behind the concession stand. You know, where they pop all the corn and saturate it with all the butter like we all love. The popper was real, but they only used it to heat up the pre-popped corn. The fully popped popcorn was stored in clear plastic sealed tubes about four foot long and eight inches wide. The popcorn was popped in China from Chinese popcorn seeds, grown in China. I can’t recall the name of the company, but it sure sounded American.

I was in an American automotive dealership and they had all this signage, billboards, marketing and advertising stuff all about an “American Revolution.” Most of the parts and the assembly of their stuff was done in other countries. OK, the assembly was in America – Central America as in Mexico, but it was American Made right? No false advertising there, right?

I had questions, problems and concerns about my American Made stuff so I called customer service. After holding and being transferred for a long time, I was connected with live or real people. They usually spoke with a foreign accent, because they were talking to me from their country and not even from any of the Americas.

Frustrated, I decided to chill out with an American Made beer, only to discover that the company is owned by some country in Europe, also not a part of the Americas.

Finally I discovered the secret. If you or I really want to Buy American, we need to buy from companies with foreign sounding names. Why? Because more of their stuff is made here than the stuff from the familiar named companies from here are. Foreign Made apparently means, Made in America and American Made apparently means, Made Someplace Else.

But I was wondering about something and maybe you can help me out with the answer? Everyone was supposed to have gone global years ago. U.S. manufacturing, in order to compete with cheaper labor and stuff from other countries, moved or had much of their stuff outsourced to other countries. Why is it then that other companies from other countries moved here or produce most of their stuff (for this country) cheaper than the companies from here can?

Confusing isn’t it? I would suggest an English dictionary, but most of those are not made or printed here either and not even in a country that sounds like English (England). These dictionaries are made where? Right, you guessed it or are catching- on fast, they are, Made Someplace Else! Perhaps, like me, you are a visual learner? Here are some pit-chers’ that might help us to understand.

Made Someplace Else

Made in America

Oh, and by the way, I saw a copy of The Declaration of Independence and it was made and printed, Someplace Else.

Just I-imagine,


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