Posted by: Dahni | March 10, 2012


The Olympics will have a new competition. It will be called the Tri-Quie-athalon. The event will feature media persons, opinionated individuals and in general, people prone to loud-mouthed exchanges of criticism, complaining and condemnation.  The whole purpose is to award participants that show the best skill in keeping the peace.

The compound word for this event is broken down as follows:

Tri = 3 as three medals of rating will be given
Athalon = as the event will display the athletic abilities of the competitors

And in the middle is ‘Quie‘ which stands for “quiet” upon which this entire Olympic event is focused.

The song made famous by Simon and Garfunkle, ‘The Sounds of Silence.’ will be softly played during the Tri-Quie-athalon. Each participant/competitor/athlete will be awarded the best of show by the following medals:

Silence is Golden

Bronze for B-Quiet

 Everyone else gets…

...Silver Duct Tape 🙂

 Just I-Magine,


Note: This event has been cancelled due a lack of willing and able participants,  and advance tickets have not been purchased, due to the doubts that this event could actually have any willing and able participants.   🙂

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