Posted by: Dahni | March 20, 2012

Words Matter

Today is the first day of Spring Tuesday March 20, 2012 and words matter. The word for the season conveys what it is. It springs from winter’s sleep and emerges as new life, a new beginning a new opportunity. Words matter.

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Perhaps this is so, perhaps it takes many more words, but words matter.

Words are pictures. Words are pictures of pictures. Each character or symbol in a word is a picture. Even punctuation marks are pictures, symbols and if combined, form other words, symbols or pictures, like these:

Words can give information, express emotion, offer inspiration and may even be used for transformation. Words may be visible as text or felt as Braille.

Braille = I Love You

Words may be audible. Words are often invisible. Sometimes words are expressed in a look, a sound or a touch – a feeling. But however words are expressed, words matter.

Words can weaken. Words can strengthen. Words can tear \/.  Words can build /\. Words can carry the heavy burden of fear. Words can glide on the wings of hope. Words can express anger rage and wrath. Words can express peace, promise and prosperity. Words like angry graffiti can show the vile and ugly. Words can paint harmony and beauty. Words can be out of the dearth and darkness of hatred. Words can pour forth from endless fountains of liquid light and love.

Words can be deafening noise

Words can be notes of joy

Words can hurt

Words can heal

Yes, words matter. Words are powerful, but they are powerless unless written, spoken or in some way expressed. Their power or  their absence of power is determined by the giver and by the receivers that accept them.

Like spring, words are like seeds. Words that are planted will grow. Words like seasons return full circle. “What goes around, comes around.”  What will you plant? What will be your return?

The most popular words of yesteryear were these:

Imagine – No Excuses – I get it – If you remember only one thing…

Uncompromising integrity – The Simple truth – Believe in better – Real-time

You decide – You’re in control – You deserve

Let us spring into this spring, this new beginning, this new opportunity and use these words daily in expression, information, emotion, conversation and for transformation.

Imagine if there were No excuses.  What if what you read, what you write, what you speak and what your ear or mind hears is –  I get it?  If you only remember one thing…let it be Uncompromising integrity.  The Simple truth is, WE should all believe in better and in Real-time.  You decide.  You’re in control.  You deserve better.  Then come full circle to…

…Just IMagine


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