Posted by: Dahni | March 22, 2012

What Matters Most

To answer the question, ‘What Matters Most,’ this post will require your participation today. You will need to mentally ask yourself and answer the following:

Will it be Winter?

Will it be Spring?

Will it be Summer?

Will it be Fall?

Next, which character will you be in the story. Are you the optimist or the pessimist? 

What kind of storm will be here? Will it be a snow storm or a rain storm?

Now after you have decided on these things, just mentally fill in the blanks in the story below. Here we go.




It was a beautiful _______________ day. A flock of birds were on the wing and in the sing. Quickly the clouds covered the sun’s light and earth and sky grew dark. The wind picked up and began to howl. Suddenly the birds were in the midst of a ________ storm.

Each bird knew it would soon be in peril at worst or grounded in the least. They flew hard against the ferocious wind to find some protection, some cover, some place to wait out the storm.

Two of the birds were blown away from the group in the blinding storm and wing whipping wind. They tried their best to stay aloft and search for the flock and some protection, some cover, some place to wait out the storm. Separated from the others yes, but they were close enough to see and hear each other.

One of the two birds, the optimist said, “There they are, I see them huddled on that branch over there. Come let us fly there, I think they will make room for us.”

The other bird, a pessimist said, “Yes I see them them too. But I don’t think they will make room for us.”

They flew hard and fast against the wind and the mighty _______ storm. But when they came to the branch, there was no room for them.  It was not possible to make room for them. But there was a little twig with just enough room for they two.












Soon the bright cheering sun came back out and the _______ storm passed into the forgotten. And on the wing again, the birds began to sing.

What Matters Most is not what we think, but what we do.

Just I-Magine,


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