Posted by: Dahni | March 23, 2012


…sometimes we can be like a horse led to water and still won’t or can’t figure out what and where to drink.

Sometimes the point can be clearly and convincingly made and we still can’t think.

Sometimes we may be clueless, but wouldn’t we need a clue to know we were?

Sometimes we all just need a clue.

Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious to us.

Sometimes when thinking of approaching, we may in fact need some coaching.

Sometimes we need a map –  A BIG ROAD MAP with a magnifying glass.

Sometimes we need some help.

Sometimes we are so out to lunch, there’s no diner, no one else is there, there is no food, just a bill.

Sometimes we act dumber than a box of rocks. Sorry rocks I did not mean to offend you.

Sometimes just to know we have permission, we need a signpost.

Sometimes we are more blind than those which truly are sight challenged and we need some visual aide.

Sometimes what we hear is louder than what we see.

Sometimes we need suggestions.

Sometimes we need an approach with narrow boundaries to target the destination and a HUGE flashing neon sign with our names that read – “Hey (your name), turn here NOW!”

Sometimes the reins or the wheel must be snatched out of our hands and someone else NEEDS TO DRIVE!

Sometimes in our heads there’s no one home and we need someone to wake us the f__k up, ring our doorbells, pound on our doors and for E.T.  to “Phone (us at) Home!”

Sometimes we are in a haze maze and need focus.

Sometimes we need to be steered.

Sometimes a match needs to be lit under our feet or butts.

Sometimes we need a tip – MULTIPLE TIPS!

Sometimes we need a sign.

Sometimes we need a billboard.

Sometimes we need movement directly in front of our immovable masses.

Sometimes we need an overture.

Sometimes we need a lightening bolt.

Sometimes we need a parade with banners and band members wearing uniforms with our names on them.

Sometimes we need fireworks with our names.

Sometimes we need it written by a skywriter.

Sometimes we need to see or hear our names in print, as a text message, on the radio or on television.

Sometimes we need it written on the wind, in the smoke, in the fire or from a burning bush.

Sometimes the seas must part, the clouds must part and trumpets must blow and the light must hit us on the noggin’ and jolt our hearts to be get back to being, among the living.

Sometimes we need an invitation to our own surprise party, just so we will show up.

Sometimes it just takes us a long time for anything to set in and stick in our heads.

Sometimes, somehow, and in some way we need a message delivered, sprinkled with the encouragement and the urging…

…come here and kiss me!

Yep, sometimes the obvious was not so obvious to us and we needed some help to figure it out.

Please note: No lips were harmed in this demonstration. Sprinkles used were made of snow, salt, sugar or Splenda, depending on your perspective, choice and dietary requirements.   🙂

Just I-Magine,


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