Posted by: Dahni | March 24, 2012

On Being Self-centered

Today there’s lots of pictures. Yay! And today it’s all about being…

   Sometimes we are having or we know those that are having a love affair with self.

   To stand in front of a mirror and not see your reflection perhaps means that either you are a vampire or your reflection has been absorbed.


   The picture above may be what it looks like to those so self-absorbed, but the following is how the self-absorbed look to others.



   No it’s not pretty, but most if not all of us have been here – done that. Some might well be doing this right now?

   Being Self-centered might make us think we are all warm and snugly, all wrapped up in some knitted fashion statement from hell…

…but besides looking ridiculous in the least, we have got to be hot and sweating our asses off in this. And “Hey, watch out for that tree!!!” Too late. Bam! Oh that’s got to hurt! I betcha’ that’s gonna’ leave a mark!

   Now I took or stole the image above from another blogger I follow and just happen to think they’re funny (the blogger’s text and their pictures). If you like, ‘It’s So Wrong Fashion Mistakes From Hell’ stuff, go check out the following link and maybe I’ll be forgiven for using their pic?

    Being Self-centered is to suffer from…

the psychological condition with many known symptoms such as:

   “My s__t don’t stink.”

   “I’m too sexy for myself.”

   Those that suffer from this condition are prone to yelling at the sun for shining in their face.

   The Self-centered often talk aloud to themselves. No, they are not on a cell phone or using bluetooth. And they do not just talk to themselves, they often argue with themselves and even answer their own questions. Sometimes, we the Self-centered might even beat the crap out of ourselves. Now, we can actually argue with our own personal digital assistants called Siri, if  we have an iPhone, and beat the crap out of our phones. Hmmm, the King James Bible and Shakespeare, who lived during the times of King James called this condition, “being beside yourself.”  Now I do certainly realize that sometimes the most intelligent conversation we think, believe or can actually have is with ourselves, but prolonged or continued repetition of this behavior is addictive and dangerous. Today, we call this condition just being  ‘nuts’ or simply being insane. But mostly it is just –



   Being Self-centered, we have the tendency and often try and stick our mouths into our foot,  foots or feet. Or we try to stick our foot, foots or feet into our mouths. Some call this foot-in-mouth disease. Some call it rhetoric or speaking out of both sides of the mouth. Some call these people politicians.  Oh come on people, none were taught how to do this. We were not taught how to do this. One day, we all for the most part, saw it, thunk’ it and just tried to do it, all on our own.

      Unless bottle-fed, most of us started out in life sucking. Yes, we suck. People suck. I’ll leave it to you to determine for yourself as to what that means, if you don’t want to take it literally. We still suck. Have you ever used a straw? OK, well then, you still suck and all or most of us still suck too. But the Self-centered really focus on and dwell on sucking.

   To the Self-centered with a lot of time on their hands, why settle for just one straw? Why not a bunch of straws and with color and make a statement while you’re at it? Statement? Like what? I dunno’ like ‘Look what I can do!’

   I am a dumb ass hear me roar.

Please note: Stay back far enough to avoid being spit on.   🙂

   Some would call this Self-centered trait a cry for attention. I doubt this. I am more prone to think and believe they do this on their own, for amusement and just to see if they can do it. Then they want to show others what they can do, to which most of us might wonder why they would do this in the first place.  What were they thinking? What possessed them to do this, Guinness (the beer or the record book)? Never mind, I’d really rather, just not know! Some questions should never have to be asked and certainly never answered!

   Others think this is an extension of the foot-in-mouth trait. Others feel it is a combination of foot-in-mouth and that being Self-centered, just sucks.

   Some Self-centered folks prefer an antique, a designer or otherwise expensive straw with which to try and suck all of life into the center of the universe, which is themselves. For your information, the above image is a Spanish Silver Feeding Straw or what is called “Bombilla.” It is an attractively hand carved antique silver straw from South America.  These were (and still are) used to drink the health giving tea “yerba maté”. The maté is sucked through the small perforations in the end of the tube so that the infusion passes, but not the dried leaves (yerba) – like a straw. It is a third world equivalent to a siphon. These are difficult to date, but are probably turn of the 19th or early 20th Century.

   Besides, if the Self-centered cannot suck life into themselves-the center of the universe, and have failed at trying to cram 1,000 straws into their mouths or have failed at trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose, why not have a ‘Gotta-Have-It-Now-Straw!’

   Now don’t you dare go nucking futs, laughing at these people! Just remember that if we suck, then we suck too. And this of course, would make each and every one of us, a suck-up! Sometimes, some of the best pie is a little humble pie. I’m just sayn’.

   Are you having fun? We’re almost done.

   Why are we, do we or do others get so Self-centered. Maybe it is because we want to be a-lone and end up staying there and it was not our intentions to get stuck there. Maybe we just get stressed out and need to d-stress. Maybe there are many reasons, but being Self-centered, we enter into our own private and personal ‘She-caves or ‘He-caves. Call these…

Womb rooms or deprivation chambers

   We enter into our She-cave-He-cave-Womb-rooms and shut the door behind us. Inside is our own personal chamber. We walk, crawl, jump or dive in and close the door.

Our own individual and private me-myself-and-i-ahhh spa

   We are thrilln’ and chilln’ for awhile. But then it dawns on us there is something seriously wrong here!!!! There is some bad news and some good news. First, the bad news. We are locked inside. The lock is on the outside of our now hell-cell! OH, NO!!!

   OK, well then what’s the good news? The good news is, we forgot to lock the door to the womb room. Someone has walked in and is standing just outside of our me-myself-and-i-ahhh spa chamber and they are calling out our name…

“Hey, (your name) can you come out and play?”   🙂

Just I-Magine,



  1. Hi, love your blog — just love it. I have not quite gotten my blog where it will be public — but I invite you to follow once I do. You will probably find I am self centered — but if I am — I am having fun — and if one is having fun — even if it is a fun self centered happening — then it is my belief (and I could be wrong) that it is good to be having fun. “The Rooster Lady” is my first real blog — and I have the stories in my head — just have to start writing them out. First, I need to learn how to tag — make it a nice site — but simple. Love your blog!

  2. Thanks for your comment. It has been posted. I look forward to your blog when it’s up. 🙂

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