Posted by: Dahni | March 27, 2012

Anger Management

      Why are WE so…

      Anger is an emotion and it a normal response to abnormal situations and circumstances. It’s OK to be angry. It becomes a problem when we stay angry or it gets worse. It becomes dangerous and harmful when it becomes rage wrath and violent.

      Persistence anger opens up a whole realm of health and financial alternatives. There is the ‘chill-pill’ we can get from our physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and pediatricians for the children and veterinarians for our pets. Consistent, malignant vitriolic and caustic anger is not just a psychological problem it can be physiological as well. In short, it is bad for our health, our whole health. And by “our” it means, each angry person and everyone affected. Yes, it is our problem, each individual and society. It is growing in our culture.

      There are specialists now in the field of ‘anger management.’ These individuals are popping up everywhere nowadays in businesses, religions, the military, other organizations and are often required by the court system prior to sentencing and part of sentencing. There are all kinds of tools and toys made to be purchased that will supposedly aid in anger management. 

Two-headed Anger Beast with angry toys

      Well I suppose it is better to take out one’s anger on some soft, colored angry balls than on others. But what is making us so angry.

      If you think about it, consistent, persistent anger is really about fear. We are afraid we won’t get something we want or need or we are afraid we will loose something we want or need. We become angry at others we think will not give us want we want or need or we think they are trying to take away what we want or need. And if we cannot get what we want and need from our children and our pets – put them on medication, enroll them in angry class or get them some anger toys????

      Honestly, do you really want to control what others think? If you do, would you want them to also, control whatever you think? Truly, we each have enough work to do, just controlling what we think. But here are some simple things we each can do that do not require pills, bills to the medical profession or to businesses and individuals whose business it is to manage anger:

If what you read makes you angry – read something else.

If what you are viewing makes you angry – view something else.

If what you hear makes you angry – listen to something else.

If someone makes you angry – go to someone else.

Turn off the stove before the pot boils – cool down.

Do not go to sleep mad.

Work out your anger in your own mind or with others calmly and you will sleep sweet.

The opposite of anger is what? Do that!

Live – Laugh – Love

Finally, if you do not like what you’re getting, perhaps change what you’re giving.

       Oh, one more thing. Have a nice day!   🙂

Just I-Magine,


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