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The Future – Family Franchise, Faith and Fiat

      Let us begin this story with a picture familiar to many of US –

      How many of US remember the Lemonade Stand? These icons were about as American as baseball, the 4th of July and Mom’s hot apple pies. Now let us look to the present and the future of this family franchise.

      A most popular, beloved and currently running commercial on television, is by Verizon Wireless. The advertisements to promote their cell phones and services emphasize technology and feature the updated version of the Lemonade stand, with ‘Susie’s Lemonade.

      Little Susie with her ‘smartphone,’ and innate business savvy turns a simple product and idea into a national brand. Of course, this is all pretend and reality is quite different. What reality? The following is really the present and possible continued future, of not just the lemonade stand, but much, much more. Have you heard about, read about or seen the following –

      Yes, here is a police line and yes, this is a real event. The little children had their lemonade stand shut down by the police. The response from the police was basically that they did not know where this lemonade came from, what was in it or who actually prepared it. So these young, future entrepreneurs were already criminals, because they broke the law. Do not be angry at the police, they were just doing their job in enforcing the law.

      So here is a possible future for the family franchise – fined, penalized, and possibly in jail for breaking the law.

      Why do I call this the “Family Franchise?” What is a family? Well, it could be intended, extended, unintended or pretended. No matter how you want to look at it, it takes a male and a female to reproduce. If they do this on purpose, we’ll just call it an intended family. If the couple has living relatives, adopted relatives and even appointed relatives like non-biological god-parents for example, call this an extended family. An unintended family could have many variables. A pretended family is kind of like ‘Susie’s Lemonade,’ it’s not real, it does not exist. Apparently, a real Lemonade stand does not exist anymore or is not supposed to, as they are against the law.

      But getting back to the words, “family franchise,” and still using the example of the used-to-be-legal-lemonade-stand, ‘Susie’s (or your child’s or the child’s name) usually had help. Maybe Mom went to the store and bought supplies. Then perhaps she and other members of the family helped to make the lemonade. Maybe dad and other family members built the lemonade stand and/or made the sign. On and on this could go, but the point is, there were more people involved in this enterprise, this family franchise. This family analogy is not unlike any business, and includes the responsibility to know and abide by the law and the liability and penalties incurred if they do not. The problem is, there are so many laws that to know them, understand them, apply them and abide by them, you might as well continue to believe in ‘good-luck,’ because that’s not realistic, (not real either).

      Now I would like to show some images of some things that are real. CORRECTION, the following used to be real, but like Susie’s Lemonade, they are not real, at least not anymore. Have you ever heard of, had, have (as a collector’s item) or seen one of the following –

This was a $20 gold certificate, payable upon demand in gold coin

This was a $10 silver certificate, payable upon demand in silver

Section 10. 

“No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;…”

 Excerpt from: Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution for the United States of America. 

      Oh, and by the way, if  “no state” could pay it’s debts with anything other than gold or silver, what about the federal government? Oh, they are separate? Excuse me, I think we just read part of the constitution which uses the following words:

“the United States of America”

      Isn’t the federal government supposed to be servants of WE the People from the several states?

      Perhaps since the 1860’s, gold and silver has been inflated and devalued through to the present-day, but the point is, gold and silver had value. Now here is where the word “faith” comes into this post, this story, this blog.

      The motto of the United States has for years been used on our currency (notes) and our coin which is appropriate as our money used to be backed, by something sound, tangible, something with value; something real. There is a longstanding joke that reads:

“In God WE trust, all others pay cash.”   🙂

      In 1933, following on the heels of the Great Depression of 1929, there was a banking crisis. The federal government much like today, was in a position that it had to borrow money, because it could not pay its bills. Why not? Because like today, it spent more than it took in. The lenders would not take any printed currency or “funny money,” they wanted something of value. So the debt was forgiven in exchanged for what? Gold was confiscated and it became illegal by law to own gold, for forty years until it was rescinded in 1973. But this law prevented the states from obeying the ‘Law of the Land,’ the Constitution.

      In 1971, the law took US off the gold and silver standard, which prevented then and prevents now, the states from following the law of the Constitution, ‘the Law of the Land.’ What replaced gold and silver? Fiat.

      What is fiat? No not the car –

      Why not the car? Because the Fiat (the car) is something that has value and the fiat now used for all debts public and private does not. For all those non-religious people that do not believe in God, would like to remove the motto from our currency and coin (“In God We Trust”), and reject the whole concept of faith, what do you suppose fiat is?

Origin of FIAT:

Latin: “let it be done,” 3d singular present subjunctive of fierito become, be done — more at “be.” First Known Use: circa 1631

      “Today, like the currency of most nations, the dollar is fiat money, unbacked by any physical asset. A holder of a federal reserve note has no right to demand an asset such as gold or silver from the government in exchange for a note.”

 Kotlikoff, Laurence (2006). “Is the United States Bankrupt?”

      It is understood that there is a limited supply of gold and silver in the world. The United States has only so much and for many years this fluctuating amount is not and has not been sufficient to  pay the federal government’s debt and most likely not even the interest on the debt. But the point is, our currency is not backed by any tangible asset, nor is it payable by anything “on demand.” Fiat was brought into existence by law.

      Fiat is fake, false, has no value and is only backed by, “the good faith of the United States.” In fiat do WE Trust? That which has no value is valueless. How is any of this possible?

      The future of the Family Franchise (and business), faith and fiat depends on law. What follows is a simple breakdown of law as it pertains to OUR founding documents”

Note: the following is based on standard 8 1/2″ X 11″ pages 

The Declaration of Independence –         5 pages
The Original Constitution –                        11 pages
The Bill of Rights (1-10 amendments)   3 pages
Amendments 11-27 –                                    9 pages
Totals:                                                             28 pages

      And today?

The image above could easily represent just a year of laws!

      Law – so vast, so complicated, and so confusing is not worth the paper it’s printed on or the ink used to print it. Why, because it is based on pretense, something not real, fiat and faith that has no value, because it is valueless. But penalties for not obeying the law can be quite extensive. As a matter of fact, with so many laws, they are an administrative, organizational, inefficient, loophole-corrupt nightmare! Law is supposed to protect the law abiding from the lawless or the lawbreakers. It is highly probable and quite possible that at this very moment, you and I are breaking some law!

      Tomorrow – What is the one question NO ONE is asking???

Just I-Magine,




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