Posted by: Dahni | May 22, 2012

Enjoy Yourself

Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later than you think)

by Dahni © 2012

The older I get, the more time it takes and the harder it becomes to get motivated. For me, three recent events changed all of this. It began with a posting from a friend on Facebook. It looks likes this –

Well, this pretty much sums me up.

On Monday, May 21st, 2012, I had my DVR set to record the special ‘Swan Song’ and the final season and last episode of ‘House, MD.’ The eight year series began on the Fox Network in 2004 and was one of the most popular shows not only in the United States, but also in many countries. I did not watch every episode over the years, but enjoyed many of them.

Before moving on, to those of you that were either regular or occasional House watchers, I would just like to offer the following for your consideration, about saying goodbye to Dr. Gregory House.

If for those that viewed this Monday night series like a night time soap opera, cheer up, there will be something else to come along for you to get your emotional kicks and vicarious experiences from.   🙂

If you were inspired to go into the medical profession from this show, find someone that will allow you to view some real surgeries, visit real patients and hang out in the morgue with some real dead people. Not everything on House, M.D. may have been medically accurate. 🙂

If you are are brilliant, that gives you no pass to treat people like crap.   🙂

If you are an atheist, stop quoting House’s take on atheism to back up your beliefs. House is no more real than the god you don’t believe exists.   🙂

But overall, I found the show entertaining, thought provoking and extremely well acted, well written and well produced by the many that worked to make it happen each week, for eight years.

My wife and I are moving. Moving is stressful enough, but we don’t know where or when, we’re moving, only that we must. We are packing up the house to put it on the market to sell. It is not much fun. But while going through my stuff and putting my stuff into the following piles –

1. pack    2. toss    3. shred    4. donate    5. recycle    6.  keep   7. I dunno’,

I came upon a familiar old stand-by for fun and amusement.

Yes, bubble wrap. It’s not just for breakfast anymore. And you know, not all bubble wrap is equal. But the piece I found was premo [primo, prime or produced for premium popping power]! It was pop, pop, pop of pure unadulterated popping joy. Yep, I was self-amused, self-indulged, self-entertained and self-satisfied for several minutes. After popping several bubbles I moved to a small under-the-stair half-bath and closed the door of my little echo chamber. The popping sound magnified each pop and the sound of my own voice, laughing like a little kid. Apparently this was infectious and contagious, as I could hear my wife laughing at me laughing, just outside the closed door. But alas, just as all things have a beginning, there is also an end. However, I did discover that if after every live-laugh-love bubble has been popped, you just might be able to extend. I rolled up the the popped and deflated sheet of plastic and it made some air pockets. I was able to squeeze out a few more pops. Enjoy yourself – It’s later than you think.

After popping, I was well prepared in advance to watch the last episode of House.

Now I will not spoil the end for you, just in case you did not see it or if the network re-broadcasts it later. But I will share some of what I heard and end this post as it began –

Enjoy yourself – It’s later than you think!

These words are the name of a song and some of the repeated words in it. It was originally published in 1949. The music was written by Carl Sigman and the lyrics by Herb Magidson. It was a popular song in its day and recorded by many artists such as Guy Lombardo and Doris Day, among many others.  At the end of the final episode of House, this song was played by the late great Louis Prima and his orchestra, from the album, “Beepin’ and Bopin’.”

Louis Prima

 I’ll close this out with a Youtube video with the lyrics of the actual song played, on the last episode of House.

Note: The word “gubutsu” (is Japanese meaning – “fool”).

“You won’t eat gubutsu (Japanese – “fool”) you’re afraid it will break your teeth…”

So, I now have a reason NOT to grow up (I am older the 50), I have rediscovered the joy of bubble wrap, adopted a new motto  – Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later than you think) and a new musical refrain:

“Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think
Enjoy yourself, while you’re still in the pink
The years go by, as quickly as a wink
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!”

Just I-Magine,



  1. Thanks – — I needed this. I’m 53 and counting backwards now!

  2. You a very welcome, but only IF you – “Enjoy yourself.” 🙂

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