Posted by: Dahni | May 24, 2012

The Sweater

The Sweater

By Dahni

© 2012 all rights reserved

The Sweater by Dahni (click to enlarge)
People have dreams
I had dreams and most of them tried
Fell against the rocks of I don’t know why
And just died
Dreams thicker than fog or mist and smoking
Blind and breathless you move on
Until every last moment is gone
Though tears are stinging and the air is choking
But I just lived, to live another day
Some that persist, rise from smoke and ash
Become our heroes with wealth and fame
Character made of memory’s stash
Dark would tarnish, but light a fountain, polishes a good name
Some are longed for by the throng
Whole days and whole nights long
Some pining, some whining
Some purge, some a funeral dirge
Some the soul of life’s song
But I just lived, to live another day 
People want to hear the sound of their own voice
Illuminated by the knowledge
Degreed by life’s college
They chose and made the right choice
People want to see all that they feel
That their hearts would heal
That all their dreams, break forth in real
But I just lived, to live another day
People everywhere are hurtin’
Surrounded by fears
Facing a sunless sky uncertain
And rising angry, seas of tears  
Hands and hands appear in a blink
Fishers of people, search for those alone in the dark
And pull them from the brink
Re-kindle and Re-spark
But I just lived, to live another day
There are the joys of selves
Some are oceans, some are brooks
Some are the glorious books
And some the supporting shelves
People wander, wonder, and live
People laugh to hide some lie
Some are sharing and joy to give
And yet they too, will fall and die
But I just lived, to live another day
Buried beneath some artistic stone
That cannot convey the whole of a life
Hides the truth we came and leave here alone
And even forgotten by loving family
a true friend, faithful husband or wife
Where’s the fame
Where’s the money
Where’s the good name
Where’s the land of milk and honey
Where’s the many or the few to love you or me
Where are, the many or the few we did and do love
Light splinters through open clouds in the firmament above
And there a face will make us free
For me it all comes down to this
Just a memory; just a kiss
What I have to show
Is just to know –
All my broken and hapless dreams
All the night sweats and soundless screams
All the trying, lying and daily dying
All my laughter, joys and fears
All my faults, my failures and my tears 
You for me and me for you
Through all and for what come what may
 Until my last, last – this payment is still due
To live, to live with you, just another day
For wherever you may find
For whenever you are found
The sweetest sound
Of the heart and mind
What do you have to show
Is for you to know
No matter where or how far you roam
It is love that is your home
It is not the numbers that love us or that we love
Not even the blessings beneath, within, above
Nothing of this earth can begin to compare
And this life itself, does daily declare
Each moment you live is a gift of love
Shared with all of life
every victory, every strife
Beneath, within, above
All the science and all the success to impart, inspect
From the last breath and from the first moment of our youth
Design and purpose some may choose to reject
Any such thing as truth
But there sets the universe, so massive and so vast
Made of time and power, but finite cannot last
And what am I, but floating, time-sensitive and dimly lit
What do I have, to show for it
The universe and I, are all lovingly together knit
And woven with just, a little bit
The universe is a sweater and I just a part and a bit
Made of love, to love in every place
To keep us warm in the cold of space
Discarded unneeded when love is within, each and every –
all of it

Just I-Magine,



  1. What amazing poetry! It’s good to see the art is still alive and well in the good old US of A!

  2. Dear Tom,

    Your comment was totally unexpected, but greatly appreciated for your TAKING THE TIME out of your life to read it and to COMMENT. I have no other words to write except two and I send them to you with the hope that they convey to you all I am felling – THANK YOU!


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