Posted by: Dahni | June 5, 2012

The Dirt on Dirt

The Dirt on Dirt

“It’s from which everthing and everyone grows”

 By Dahni © 2012

Recently I received a very touching email from someone that read something from this blog. I thought about it a lot and took a great deal of time to respond. I thought it might matter somewhat to others so I am sharing most of it here with you. 

Dear [insert your name here],

First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to write. And I thank you for several reasons.

In our day and time of Twitter with its 140 character limitation and the poor English-grammar-punctuating, but fast text world of the cell phone we live in today, few people actually seem to have much to say about anything, anyway. Often just receiving any such text or voice enabled text; I suppose we are to be grateful for even those. Then I am thankful that something in my blog reached out to you across the cyber world and the perhaps many miles which separate us. Sometimes you never know if anyone is reading or not, unless they respond. And unless they respond, you just don’t know if what you try to do matters to anyone. So I am thankful that you wrote. It helps me to value my own life more. Everyone wants to be appreciated. I appreciate your appreciation. I am thankful that you did not send just anything or just some little bit, but you took the time to think and write. I am thankful for the length and the content of your letter. It has touched me deeply and I have both shared it with my wife and thought about it much all today. Had this not been the case, I would have certainly responded to you much sooner than I am at the present. Finally, I want to thank you for opening your heart. That in and of itself is something precious to me and it seems less and less of that is found today. Thanks for the trust, in trusting me a stranger, with a little bit of your heart!

For some reason or reasons, you and I have made a connection. I think that is a precious thing. Great care and concern should be taken to preserve that unless it is to become, disconnected and we go on our separate ways. Though that may become what will happen between us, I would like to think your life and my life are each richer for the moment our paths crossed.

A complex and complicated letter such as yours deserves and did deserve much thought and the best response that I can give.

When I feel deeply about something or someone as I did about your letter and you, I respond with what I call my spaghetti on the wall technique. I just try to keep throwing and hoping something will stick. As it happened, we actually had spaghetti for dinner this night. So here’s hoping that something to follow here, sticks on the wall of your life.

I have been criticized for most of my life by both family and friends (you know all the ones that are supposed to matter the most) about not growing up. Well, I like this little kid that still is alive and well in me and I think my wife does too. It makes a huge difference in life in having something to d-stress with and life has a lot of stress. Everyone needs to have and enjoy, whatever their bubble wrap might be.   🙂

Retirement – forced or otherwise, what is retirement anyway, but getting re-tired again and again, more often and staying this way longer as the dreaded chronological age sets in. I understand the need to keep working just to make ends meet. This is not just due to poor retirement planning, but the conditions of our republic have greatly been and are a contributing factor. I wanted to know what happened to the country we were born in that has even changed for the worse, since I was growing up in Columbia, MO. Being from the ‘Show Me State,’ I just searched for the answers, initially just for myself. I not only found the answers, but I found the solution. I shared much of the research I found with many people. Most said, “How come I was never taught this in school?” Most said, “Why don’t you write a book?” So I did. I even went to Columbia, MO this past Feb. to launch it. It is still basically unknown, unread and unheard of. More than the lack of any personal financial success, it means the solution is still unknown and un-acted on; un-applied. But if you are interested in both understanding what happened to our republic and what WE the People (which includes you) can do to reset it, then I encourage you to visit: 

If perchance you check out my book and if you are interested, you could certainly recommend it to anyone in your circle that actually likes to read, will read, likes to think and is really interested in change. My book is not just for me, but for WE the People, not democrats, republicans, independents or whatever, but WE the People (including you)!

OK, call that my one and only advertisement or attempt to sell you something here. But if WE the people were not paying in taxes, regulations, restrictions and all the other government required spending that we are, then I guess you would have more to spend on you, your money would go further, jobs would be more plentiful, richer, more rewarding or maybe, just maybe, you and your husband could retire, simply because you can and you choose to. That may sound like pure fiction, but it is the truth.

Truths are true and true for everyone and for all time and are unchanging. Facts however, do change. Like my get up and go takes longer as well as my get down and stay down. I may not be able to climb trees like a kid anymore, but the kid will find a way, even if it means getting into the trees with a ladder or by an elevator. Another fact is that it takes longer to recover from the less work done now and much slower than at age twenty. I’m sure another fact of change is the mind itself. Mine is like a steel trap. If it goes in, it’s in there, but it just might take me longer to get it open, to get anything out.   🙂

So, we economize and look for shortcuts.

Finding work online is the big deal now and especially working from home. Everyone seeks or would like some automatic income stream that works 24-7 365+ days a year, whether we are actually doing any work ourselves. E-bay has made a lot of money for many. One important key is to get in early. The problem with this is that most people don’t trust something new or uncertain. With no risk, there is no gain. I’ve tried many of these online things and maybe I just wasn’t right or ready, maybe my timing sucked or it was too late, and maybe the theory was there, but the practice just makes money mostly, for those that try to get us into these.

I know a woman whose mother did very well with E-bay, but this was several years ago when it first got started. She does not do so well now. This is mostly due to competition. I don’t like competition unless it’s in sports. Find something people want and need. Sam Walton did that with Wal-Mart. He didn’t make anything, but made a fortune providing what people want and need at a cheaper price. I’m sick of Wal-Mart! I’m sick and tired of copy cats and competition. Competition may lower costs for the consumer, but it also takes out a lot of really good businesses, people, products and services. Be different. Be unique. Find something people want and need and deliver great customer service. Make something!

Do NOT get expired. Stay inspired. Sufficient for each day is to do the best that you can do. No one can do more, than the best that they can do.

Eat less, eat better, supplement, stay the hell away from doctors and the clogged medicine cabinets with prescription after prescription drugs or even those over the counter, as long as you possibly can, unless it’s an emergency. Dr.’s, drug companies and the medical profession in general suck at wellness and will kill us. They may treat our many symptoms, but seldom look for or eliminate the cause. Funny thing about the cause, if the cause is eliminated, the symptoms will disappear! Get some exercise even if it is walking. Our metabolism is slowing, so we need help from nature and our own efforts. Smile more. Laugh more. Do not oppress, try to impress, or depress. D-stress and just be blessed.

You mentioned that you and your husband try to do things together to not become “stagnant,” but you also said, “It’s not working.” You do not reveal in your letter why. You do not mention in your letter if you have children or grand children. But living through years of careers, work, family and etc. then to find all these gone or to have changed, is life-changing. You both might have forgotten why you fell in love with each other or life got in your way and has separated you from one another. You may need to re-acquaint yourselves with one another and who knows, maybe even fall in love with each other again. The same things you did in your youth to attract someone still work! We just may have more white hair, perhaps more wrinkles, more weight, less get up and go, but we’re still in here and damn beautiful! Inner conversation with self, repeated often enough, will be heard as something like this. “Hey you, want to see, discover or re-discover one fine woman or one fine man!!!!” IT’S DATE NIGHT AGAIN! Want my respect Mr., well then treat me like the lady I am! Hi my name is [insert your name here] and I just want to be loved!

It’s not the job you do that defines you. It’s who you are on that job. You may not love what you do, but you can certainly love the you that is doing it. Funny thing about that, it will show in all you do. [insert your name here], always take some time, just for no one else, but YOU!

I’d rather fall into bed exhausted than sleep from having done nothing or from not even trying!

As to starting a business together with your husband or on your own, there is just one simple thing to remember. Find something you love to do and match it with what others need and/or want. Go do it! How will you ever know if you never try? If not now, when? For tax savings alone, everyone should have some kind of Home based business, even if it is selling or not selling, but honestly trying to sell earthworms from your backyard (if you have a back yard). As long as you honestly try to make a profit (and why wouldn’t you want to), keep good records and know the tax laws or have a good accountant, you can keep getting refunds on your business, even IF YOU NEVER MAKE A DIME, as long as the tax laws are in your favor. Couldn’t you or anyone use some extra hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year, just for having a home based business? Yes you can! What do you need? Some idea and maybe some business cards – word of mouth. It’s just that simple for a start.

Pretending you are someone you are not might work for awhile, but sooner or later your customers, clients or whatever will find you out and you’re done. Might as well start and finish with who you really are. Keep your job if possible and squeeze out some time somewhere on a regular basis for your little (could become a million dollar) business.

1. Incubate an idea
2. Match your skills, talents, and abilities with what others want and need
3. Design a logo, motto, theme etc.
4. Make up some business cards
5. test the waters; pass out cards; talk to people; ask questions. What do people want and need? Ask – If I could do that, produce that, provide that, would you buy it from me or hire me/contract me/commission me?
6. Keep good records – there are all kinds of deductions. Even your gas to go to the grocery store is deductible if you pass out cards or talk to people about your business while shopping. Dining, travel etc. etc. employee benefits even if it is just you – having your nails done, hair done, clothing etc = business attire
7. Have as much square foot of your home designated as possible for your business office. Computers, office equip, internet, home phone, mortgage, insurance, utilities etc. are all deductible based on the sq. foot used for your home office. Even landscaping, snow plowing grass cutting etc. are deductible by percentage of your business square foot. Get the picture? Get the biggest bunch of square feet as you can. We have a separate and whole room just for the office. Yes, it is used for personal stuff too, but the designated area(s) is primarily used  for business. Part of our living room is also included in our total square foot, as my wife gives piano and voice lessons. We even deduct a second coffee/tea pot which is used to entertain clients/students etc. The list of deductibles are almost endless.
8. Attempt to make a profit, keep good records and find an accountant that knows home based business law. This is a business not a hobby and you can keep taking the deductions year after year whether you ever make a profit (= $100’s or thousands of dollars per year) and as long as the deductions are available. 

[insert your name here], your little start-up business could become a million dollar business. It is not a matter of if you can, but when are you going to do it? I cannot guarantee you any success, but I can guarantee you will not succeed unless you try and you can still save or keep more of the money you do earn, year after year, just for trying to run a home-based business. Or would you prefer to keep throwing a lot of the money you do make away or giving it needlessly to the government?

You are right not to worry – EVER! God will provide IF you believe He will. And you are also correct; he does need you to do your part. What’s your part? Act, think and speak, live-laugh-love and move in the direction of expectation – expecting Him to do for you, what He said and says He will do for you, if you just do one thing – BELIEVE! Act and walk down one side of the street like you own it and are thinking about buying the other side!   🙂

There is no fear in love. Perfect love casts out fear. Take you life back. It is in your hands. Keep loving life. Keep exploring, keep living, keep enjoying the simple things like bubble wrap or a blues festival and keep cherishing them.

No “Hope for the future?” Are you kidding me? Are you a Christian? Hope is in our spiritual DNA. He’s coming back! This is the true hope that enlightens us and makes us go and glow while we are waiting!

Get up! Get out of any rut. Get out of your own way. Get going. Get to glowing!

Sounds easy? It aint easy, but it’s simple. Just DO! Some may think and I may sometimes think that I am on a first name basis with dirt, but I’m not as old as dirt. Beat down? Well if so, we are closer to the ground and that’s dirt. We are made out of the same elements as dirt. Get down, get dirty, get something growing. Beats the hell out of the alternative! But even then, I’ll be fertilizing and helping to push up the flowers – something growing.

One of my fondest success stories is about a man that until he was age 65, he had said himself that he failed – as a husband, a father, a businessman and at everything he tried. But at 65 until he died, he enjoyed great success. He fed many and often for free. Much was received and he gave much back. His name many remember simply as, Colonel Sanders. His business was, ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ or KFC for short.

Just keep going. Keep reaching. Keep love living. Keep giving. Keep growing. Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.

Inspiration is nothing more than in-spirit action. Enthusiasm is made up of two Greek words – En and Theo. It means, “in God.” Get in Him! All of you into all of Him!

  “If a million people on earth love you, I’ll be among the throng. If there are only two people left on earth to love you, I’ll be the one on your right side. If there is only one person left on earth to love you, I’ll be behind you. If there is no one left on earth to love you or to care, you will know that I have died, but God is still alive.”

Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille

Hope you like spaghetti and something I’ve thrown has stuck on your wall.   🙂

[insert your name here], thank you again for writing to me. I am richer and a better man in having met you! Write anytime. I will reply.

Love Yah,


The dirt on dirt is that everything and everyone grows from it!

Just I-Magine,



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