Posted by: Dahni | June 8, 2012

Why I am an Independent

By Dahni © 2012 all rights reserved

No, I am not part of the Independent Party. In fact I am not part of any political party. Well, why am I an independent then? Now you may find this difficult to believe or incredible, but first and foremost, for my entire life, I have never been invited to anyone’s party, political party that is. I dunno’ why, maybe I look, act or speak like I already belong to another party, so no one invited me to theirs? Maybe I look, act or speak like I’m clueless, so no one wanted or wants to invite me? The point is, no one has ever invited me. And that’s more than OK, by me. Please don’t feel sorry for me and invite me. So this fact alone makes me an independent. No, I’m not interdependent, dependent or co-dependent, just independent.

Quite frankly, it’s no one’s business what party I am in or not in. Neither is it anyone’s business what party you are in or not in. Come on, there is so much emphasis placed on privacy in voting, who is kidding who? Oh look, there goes a registered Democrat, he’ll/she’ll probably vote Republican? Oh look, there goes a registered Republican, she’ll/he’ll probably vote Democrat?

Primaries, what a joke! One should be able to vote for whomever they want. Nope, can’t do that, you must be a registered member of some political party. Chief(s) of which are the Democrat and the Republican parties. Hmmmm, is there anything primarily associated with the two major or primary political parties with primaries?

Now I don’t particular care for Bill Maher, but I found myself in agreement with him on my brief scrolling through TV channels and landed on where he hosts a show on HBO. He called the Republican Party “insane” and the Democrat Party “lame.” With few exceptions, not only did I agree with him mostly on this, but I believe most ‘thinking’ individuals would too. Just look at who’s supposed to be running the government locally, regionally, statewide and on the national level. What they do or do not do, define them. And for the most part, their party affiliations are predominantly either Democrat or Republican. And what about being “insane” or “lame?” Would not one be lame if they were insane? Would not the insane be lame? What’s the real difference there? My sincerest apology to the truly insane or lame, these are just metaphors.

Well, it’s official now. Our nation is pretty much equally divided. Mostly half of us are working to support the other half that are not working, those that are not even citizens here and many that live in other countries and many of those foreigners are enemies of the United States of America. We can’t agree on what America is or what it is not. We can’t agree on which party to attend. We can’t agree on right or wrong. We can’t agree on light and dark. We can’t even agree on the facts. Is it just me or is there a connection here with the “insane” and the “lame”?

We can’t question someone’s past or fitness for what is supposed to be service to our country that would be sexist/racist and/or anti-religious. We cannot question one person’s wild and crazy youth, but another’s we can question because, otherwise that would be sexist/racist and/or anti-religious. We can’t ask difficult questions of one, but we can pound the crap out of another, otherwise that would be sexist/racist and/or anti-religious. We can’t even question one’s record, but another’s we can, otherwise that would be sexist/racist and/or anti-religious.

Once I wrote a blog post talking about people in general (all peoples) and I used the word “race.” I received a comment that accused me of being a racist, just for using the word “race.” This person never left another comment after I replied that they used the word “race” in their comment, to accuse me of being a racist. Excuse me would that make them a racist? And anyone else that uses the word “race” or some form of the word or accuses others of being racist, wouldn’t this make them racist? And the same goes for any form of the word “sex” or “religion?” But we can’t agree on that.

We can’t even agree to disagree. We can’t question the slamming of the rich and wealthy while many of these slammers are gladly accepting their contributions. We can’t question tax and spend, national debt, unemployment, or entitlements, otherwise that would be  sexist/racist and/or anti-religious and anti-humanity? We can’t even agree on words. We can’t agree that “virtually all political ads” are positive does not mean virtually all but 30% or 70% is “virtually all.” Nope, we can’t question anyone or anything unless it is someone else or something else, otherwise that would be sexist/racist and/or anti-religious.

Nope, we can’t agree to question. We can only decide whether we like him or her personally. Logic and reason and records are not allowed, but we can’t question that, otherwise that would be sexist/racist and/or anti-religious, unless that is, we are questioning the logic or the reason and the records of someone or something else we do not like. Who told you, you are not supposed to like him, her or that anyway? Maybe the media? Who told them? Yep, this is all insane and lame. Hmmm, I wonder who or what is behind all of this? Maybe it’s the insane and the lame?

OH well, no wonder I’m so confused, I have a problem, my thinking is just wrong! I need some profile test to determine what party I should attend and someone to tell me who and what to vote for. I need some celebrity to tell me otherwise, that would be sexist/racist and/or anti-religious.

I don’t need no stinking test, some celebrity or anyone to tell me how to think, what to think, how to vote and who or what to vote for! Why not, because I am a sexist/racist and/or anti-religious? Nope, I am not a sexist, racist and/or anti-religious. I am an independent. You probably don’t agree with me. But I do not want to be associated with, linked with, connected with or affiliated with the insane or the lame.

I’m an independent. I’m a part of that dumb ass, broke ass, outdated, unworkable, shrinking and flawed thingy that a divided nation considers to be sexist/racist and/or anti-religious, ant-humanity, and anti-intelligence – Declaration of Independence and WE the People small in numbers, of insane and lame nutjobs.

If perchance you might consider questioning something, why not who and/or what is truly responsible for all this insanity and lameness? It’s not the Democrat or the Republican parties per se, it’s the corrupt system that they are all part of that are dividing us. It’s not one or the other it’s both! They’re thick with insanity and lameness and they’re in it together. And you and I are either with them or we are sexist/racist and/or anti-religious and anti-humanity and just plain ‘stew-pid‘!  OH, I almost forgot, unless we’re with them, then we’re against them and that would make us homeland terrorists, un-patriotic, un-American or all of the above.

And if we with full knowledge or if we are just going along with this manipulation without a clue, are not we part of the insanity and lameness? And even though I profess and confess to be an independent, aren’t I still affected and perhaps infected with this insanity and lameness?

Get rid of the cause and the symptoms will disappear!

What is the cause of this insanity and lameness? It is a corrupt system! Intentional or not it is still corrupt. And what else can corruption do but corrupt?

How do we remove the cause? Get rid of the corrupt system. How do we do that? RESET our Republic! How do we do that? Read and act upon the book:  RESET “An UN-alien’s Guide to Reset Our Republic” see: 

Never mind, forget that. Continue being a Democrat or a Republican, keep the corrupt system going; keep the insanity and lameness flowing.

As for me, I guess I’m  jus’ dumber than dirt or a box of rocks. My sincerest apology to dirt and boxes of rock-es. These are just metaphors. As for me, I’m an independent, but since few or maybe even no one else can agree and we remain divided, I guess this make me insane, lame, a sexist/racist and/or anti-religious, anti-humanity and anti-intelligent.

And well then, I’m proud, damn proud to be, 1 of WE!

Just I-Magine,


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