Posted by: Dahni | July 3, 2012

American exceptionalism

By Dahni © 2012 all rights reserved

Footprints By Dahni © 2012 all rights reserved

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By Dahni, July 2,  2012

From shining sea to shining sea
WE came;
set aside the individual and our pride
and for each individual, WE Unified.
And bound together unalienable rights
and set it in writing, for all to see,
for all have the right to Liberty.
For what is life;
what happiness any
to any without – Liberty’s Light,
not privilege to the few,
but to all an unalienable right.
No gift of human
or divine right of royalty,
but a gift of equality
For all, Of all, By all –
sovereign to each below from above
or Nature’s God,
a gift to all of love.
And thereto WE pledged our lives;
OUR fortunes and sacred honor
and served to serve in anticipation
and won the right of celebration.
WE struggle in OUR humanity;
WE struggle with equality,
not perfect, but to its end WE resolve,
in forming til’ – WE evolve.
And there WE left footprints to follow,
in the times of sand;
footprints to follow,
for every Woman, Child and Man.
And this is the United States
of American exceptionalism –
many United for a single cause;
whose future footprints will be left pervading
or forgotten – and soon fading.
Will WE walk;
what future are we leading,
will WE leave OUR footprints,
those not yet born are pleading!

On Monday July 2nd, 2012, WE the People marked the 236th year of the Declaration of Independence. On Wednesday July 4th, WE celebrated or spent this event in OUR many different ways.

If my poem, if the words above; if the image above has touched you – moved you, inspired or enthused you, I make this opened ended offer to you and each and every one of US. I appeal to you and each and every citizen of voting age in every state and territory of the United States of America.

In the midst of so much uncertainty, bobbing up and down within the seas of speculation and at the whim of wind and wave of the vast oceans of doubt that surround US here, I am asking each one of US, WE the People to invest $2.62. I am asking each 1 of US, WE the People, to see and be, the hope and change we need.


Just I-Magine,



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