Posted by: Dahni | July 29, 2012

The Pink Rose

The Pink Rose

© 2012 by Dahni

We shared a love for roses you and I.
   You loved pink and in our backyard along the old wood fence, roses grow.
I remembered and would take you a bud or some buds and blooms, in their time.
   On a Wednesday, I wanted to take you one, but the roses were all spent and, out of time; just a thought or a simple prayer for just one, it matters not which, but all things in their time; not always in mine.

On Wednesday – ‘Spent’

On that Wednesday, you opened your eyes; Your eyes were drawn towards everyone speaking to you around you; surrounding you.
   You knew them, loved them and knew that they knew, how much that you loved them.
You closed your eyes and like blossoms, faded peaceably to sleep, in your time.
   On that Friday, one new pink rose bud appeared, just one; I remembered and knew it would be ready and blossom, in its time.

On Friday – ‘One New Bud’

On that Sunday, we gathered to remember You and the pink rose is ready, in its time.
   That Sunday brought forth an answered prayer, in His time.
That Sunday, new growth and new buds were coming, all in their time. I will remember that whenever and wherever pink roses bloom, You are, The Pink Rose.

On Sunday – ‘The Pink Rose’
For my Mother-in-law, ‘The Pink Rose,’ Ethel Lovatt (Lovie) Meech
March 27, 1926 – July 25, 2012
all Photography and Poem © 2012 by Dahni, all rights reserved


Just I-Magine,


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