Posted by: Dahni | August 9, 2012


‘Choices’ © 2012 by Dahni, all rights reserved


© 2012 by Dahni, all rights reserved

We all want to see the stars
and like them we desire to shine,
with a brightness uniquely ours,
for what glitters we perceive, is everything that is fine.

Life is full of choices
and we must learn to live with what we choose,
life is full of voices
and not only, just to win or lose.

Do we do what we love
or love what we do,
do we seek the lonely fame above,
while the heart remains untrue?

I could aspire to be the best, each and every day
and end up shining like a star,
it’s nearest light, perhaps light years away,
for it must be lonely, out so far.

Do we choose to live and be
where the heart cannot deny,
the bright lights that we see,
shine from every eye?

Close, we live with lights that warm,
for stars we all, already are,
each a unique and individual form,
ever close and never far.

If my choices are to be a star,
if I do what I love and love what I do
and shine somewhere away and far,
it is no choice that I could live with…

being far from you.

just I-Magine,


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