Posted by: Dahni | August 25, 2012

The Solution

By Dahni © 2012 all rights reserved

Are you tired of having to admit?

Is it difficult for you to sit?

Do your clothes not fit?

No one is attracted to it?

Well my friend, you probably are suffering from the dreaded disease known as:


Are you tired of all the ridicule?

Are you tired of all the poking-fun by even your best friends?

Yes, yes, are you just sick and tired of being the butt or the no-butt of others jokes!

Do you just get No RESPECT; have you no SELF-RESPECT?

You are not alone! I too am one among the many that suffer from


Rest assured the answer is near –

Find it here!

Remedies range from the painful and expensive; bulky and uncomfortable to the so-simple why hadn’t I thought of it before.

First, you could bear (pun intended) the painful and expensive, surgically altered butt-implant. Please do your research and find a qualified surgeon that is skilled and experienced in proportion and balance. You don’t want your no-ass-atol to become too big to get through a door or so misshapen that you sit with a lean.

Another current trend are the padded panties for the phillies and the bulgy briefs for the brutes.

These can become quite uncomfortable. They can get the wearer all hot and sweaty and not the hot and sweaty you might like.   🙂

They can also cause embarrassment if someone grabs, pinches or slaps your ass, only to find your bums are fake. Bummer! (Yes, that was an intended pun too.)   🙂

For comfort while driving, you might want to try this brand new product called: ‘iTush.’ Don’t let the simple design confuse you as it being just a square donut. This is high technology at its finest. It has a USB port for charging in your vehicle and little digital/electronic/electrical fingers constantly move and massage your tush while driving.   🙂


But (again, pun intended), 🙂

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have ever experienced a blown tire, you most likely are already familiar with this wonderful product. Now with a special formula, you too can instantly ‘Fix’ your ‘Flat’.

Just insert gently and inflate slowly to your desired size and firmness. Have an accident during some strenuous physical activity or from being overly and strongly slapped on your firm and tight ass? No problem, just re-insert and re-inflate. It’s just that quick and easy; nice and pleasy! Now in just seconds you can always have the butt you have dreamed of!

Fix-A-Flat – Ask for the No-Ass-Atol formula. Fix-A-Flat, it’s not just for tires anymore.

Paid for by: The No-Ass-Atol Foundation, The Society for Bigger and Better Butts, The Assless Organization, and The Ass-Not-Butt-Not No More Club. We approve of this message.

Just I-Magine,



  1. You have way too much time on your hands!!!! LMAO!!!

  2. Just laughing…

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