Posted by: Dahni | March 22, 2013

My Light Bulb Moment

My Light Bulb Moment


by Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

Now I am not exactly sure if it was a dream, a nightmare, the proverbial light bulb went off in my head or if it was the light from the bathroom, hitting me in the eyes that awakened me from a sound sleep, but I had an idea.

What if all three branches of the Federal Government (every member), were paraded blindfolded into the capitol and strip-searched by TSA (for everyone’s protection)? Members of the media would be present and could not speak, make a sound or take a single picture, just take notes like reporters used to do, and if necessary, dodge stray bullets if necessary (see below). What if C-SPAN were to silently film this event LIVE? What if the president, the congress (representatives and senators) and all nine supreme court justices remained naked and blindfolded and given marijuana (joints, bongs and brownies) and aphrodisiacs (horny pills)? Then after they were all sufficiently “buzzing,” what if you gave them each some kind of gun with just a few rounds of ammunition, with more than sufficient protection to the film crew of course? The media is on their own, but the doors are locked.

Maybe, just maybe the so-called ‘servants’  and media people IN CHARGE, would all experience what WE the People already know, HOW it feels to get screwed?

Well, I cannot guarantee any constructive results or destructive consequences from this idea, but they sure would all be doing SOMETHING and that’s a lot more than most of them have been doing lately, except for screwing US!   🙂

Just I-Magine,


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