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GPS or G.P.S. is a three letter word or an abbreviation for Global Positioning Satellite. It is a device which is capable of usually, sending and receiving a signal as to its location. Most of us know this. Many of us have such technology already on our cell phones/smart phones. Many have applications (apps – little programs) on our digital devices. Many have stand-alone GPS systems for travel in our vehicles, walking, camping and etc. By and large, we use these devices to find where we or someone is located and how to get to someone or to where we are going. But all this incredible technology may not always be inexpensive or affordable to everyone. And this technology is important to most everyone, especially pet owners/care-keepers and parents/care-keepers.

As good as we all might be, no one is perfect and neither is technology. Sometimes we get lost or lose something/someone. Sometimes our signals are lost on our devices for a variety of reasons. Well here is an alternative and it too is called for short: GPS or G.P.S. It stands for:


Although the practical application is not my idea, the name – ‘Good People Search’ might be. I write “might be,” because it seems like whenever I have a new idea, I find it has been-done a long-time ago. But instead of digital and battery required devices to ‘locate’ someone or something that may or may not always be affordable to everyone or 100% reliable, Good People Search is an alternative.

“Good People…” is another way of saying, Good Samaritans, which most of us either know the story from the Bible or it is a term we grew up with and/or are familiar with. In a world of so much technology and so much stress and uncertainty, it is good to know that there is still a lot of good people around!

If you have ever been lost, lost something or someone, you already know about the doubts, worries and fears this can cause. You know how it feels! But Good People Search is an alternative that may well relieve those doubts, worries and fears, perhaps quickly, efficiently, inexpensively and maybe even for FREE!  Well, maybe at a minimum it might cost, a ‘Thank You,’ and/or a nod and a smile?

With a little thought and imagination, you can make Good People Search, applicable to your situation. For example, bookplates inside of books with words such as: “Please Return to…” (name/address/phone number and etc.), have been used for many years. Good People Search has returned many a lost books. Our mother used to sew in similar ‘return to’ information labels inside our clothing for summer camps and stuff. Many discarded, left or lost items of clothing have been returned by Good People Search. Our pets have long had collars with ‘Return To’ information tags and many a lost and precious four-legged friend has been returned by Good People Search.

We all are in some sense, our brother’s/sister’s keepers. A wise person recognizes that the good that they have and if it is withheld, will come back to sorry them, many times over. A wise person recognizes that the good they give today, may visit them often tomorrow.

So here is something we can do for ourselves, for our children and to help, Good People Search.

When out in crowded areas, in public, in unfamiliar places – mark the children in your care with – ‘Return To’ information. Kids get excited about discovery and are not always aware of their little adorable selves and the potential for harm. To be honest, we adults can become easily distracted, and that does not make us bad people, just human. But it only takes a split second (or much, much less), for the child to wander, wander off and disappear.

Take a fine point black ‘Sharpie’ (permanent ink) and write on the front of one of the wrists of the child the following:

“If Lost, Please Call (your number)

Next, get some ‘liquid band-aid’ and paint this invisible coating over your handwritten message. Allow to dry and you have something that will be water resistant and will most likely last a whole day. For more about this, see and click on the image or url below.


And don’t forget your GPS – GOOD PEOPLE SEARCH!!!  🙂

Just I-Magine,


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