Posted by: Dahni | July 18, 2013

In the Clouds

By Dahni © 2013, all rights reserved

Surely there is a scientific explanation. There must exist, the technology to capture, store and analyze the data.

·Weather fronts and cloud circuits

·Relative humidity and barometric pressure

·Gravitational pull


·Latitude and longitude

·Refraction and refraction


·Mean Time

·Spell check and grammar check

·Talking dictionary to pronounce

·Consensus of data, speculation and opinion

·Copy and paste

·Text and message

There are those or we are those so smart enough to see what is there or smart enough to search for, find and use all the available tools. They can or we can or the impersonal digital assistant can, computer programs can or apps can interpret what it is we see. Or it is too much information so it must be abbreviated (TMI) or too exhausting or we are too busy to see.

Meanwhile, the brain is exhausted not so much from too much information/stimulation, but from lack thereof. Chances are that we may only glance at briefly and really never look. Too much information, too exhausting, too much other more important things to do, too similar or too common to look, we may never even look and never really see.

Meanwhile, the mind is starved for stimulation. Starved neurons make little or few synapses or connections, atrophy. There is DANGER that the brain and the mind will not continue to develop. There is great GREAT DANGER that our progeny will be born without a part of the brain that evolution has decided is no longer necessary. Whole thoughts and thinking wane. Ebb slows and ceases without flow. We become like reactionary and instinctual toads that sleep by day, stay up all night and just wait until when and if ever, something flies by to eat another day. And overhead we never see because we never look, but what do you right now? What do you see in the clouds?

Rather than suggest or influence you, just comment and tell me what YOU see! I’ll post what I see another time.


Just I-Magine,


Update: 7/19/2013

It has been suggested that seen in the clouds is a man’s profile with one opened eye and a snoring old man. It does not matter what I see. What matters is what you see! Congratulations! If you see anything in the clouds it means that you can think and you can imagine and your right brain is working. To articulate what you see is proof that your left brain is working. Your twin-brain working together, you are able to produce clear thinking and whole thoughts!   🙂

Just I-Magine,


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